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Sara-Jayne Edwards Kundalini Global Yoga Teacher
I AM… myself. And I am happy with that. Now.

Kundalini Global changed my life in truly amazing ways. I would love to show you how it can do the same for you.

I am Sara-Jayne Edwards and I am a Kundalini Global yoga teacher. As well as being a Yoga Alliance certified teacher, I have a further certified training in yoga for the addictive and/or anxious personality.

I am very human: imperfect and unique. Much of my life has been spent living in fear. One of the worst things about that? I didn’t even recognise it. Not for a long time.

I am fiercely passionate about the power of using breath, movement and stretching in radically changing our relationship to ourselves and to the magical, powerful and glorious universe we exist in.

I am also big on sharing the power of intention.

My intention is to share, with an open heart, what has taken my reality from one of fear to one where I feel safe, safe enough, where I am empowered, and where I am free to be me. I aim to do that in a way that is inclusive, dogma-free, and very very fun.

About me

About me…

I am Sara, or Sara-Jayne. 

Sara-Jayne is the name on my birth certificate. I never really liked or used it much but, somehow, it began to resonate with me on my yoga teacher training.

In my younger years, Sara-Jayne was used only when I was yelled at for being naughty. What I can accept about myself now is that being at least a little bit naughty is part of my nature. A part that can lead to huge fun. 

I do love a little mischief. 

My Classes

Online, I currently offer classes in blocks of 5. Each block of 5 classes is recorded. In all of my classes I teach Kundalini Global yoga. Something I am proud of and passionate about.

You can join in at any time to a block that has already begun and gain access to the classes you have missed on sign-up. The recordings are not time limited and are available via private Vimeo showcases.

My online and pre-recorded classes most often come with some ‘real life’ element in the form of something I make to post out to you. Usually affirmation cards but also magazines, bookmarks, and small gifts that compliment the classes. I find that this really helps in aiding the personal touch and a deeper connection online and is an aspect of what I do that I hugely enjoy.

I also offer some of my past series of classes pre-recorded for anyone who likes to do all classes in their own time.

Finally, online, I offer a monthly free class. Always on a Saturday morning toward the end of the month. You can sign up for these classes here. They are a great way to try out Kundalini Global and to see if you like how I teach. I would say how I teach is to share strong practises in a very gentle way.

In person I teach a community class on Monday evenings at Danceforce in Wolverhampton. You can email me if you’d like to find out more about this 1 hour class (19:20-20:20) or contact Naomi at Danceforce directly, who manages bookings. Details here.

I also teach workshops in and around the West Midlands. The best way to hear about them is to make sure you are signed up for my email newsletter and to keep an eye on my website and Instagram. More in-person classes are on the way.

My classes are suitable for all, other than those who are pregnant. You need no experience and nothing other than somewhere to sit and potentially some cushions and/or blankets to keep you comfortable and warm.

Find out more about my current class offerings here:

My current live class offerings:

  • Open Your Heart Classes With Sara-Jayne Kundalini

Access Pre-Recorded Class Recordings:

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“…blame is just a lazy person’s way of making sense of chaos. ” 

Dancing Star

Dancing Star is my new, bi-monthly, zine.

I wanted to create a platform for exciting, diverse, voices. I wanted to make change. I wanted to have fun!

A real passion project, brings together yoga, meditation, breath work, neuroscience and much more… I cannot wait to see where this independent publication, that I pour huge love into, takes us. We’ve only just begun…




Trained in 2020 by the incredible Carolyn Cowan, Sara-Jayne is a passionate, creative and radically inclusive yoga teacher, with a specialism in, and real passion for stretching and breath work as tools in moving through anxiety and addiction.

Sara-Jayne currently teaches classes and workshops online, via Zoom.

Sara-Jayne has undertaken further teacher trainings in yoga for the anxious and addictive personality and in teaching breath practises to reach altered states.

As well as offering regular free classes, Sara-Jayne is passionate about making her classes inclusive and accessible to all and teaches with every body in mind.

Do you have questions about classes or want to get in touch?

You can contact Sara-Jayne via email:


Sara-Jayne is currently based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, United Kingdom.

She has moved around a lot over the years. Many of those years in London and some, too, in Liverpool. A city that will always have her heart.

Sara-Jayne Kundalini: Fun, Dogma-Free, Very Human and Very Kind.