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A sneak peak inside

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I loved the time spent making this zine and I hope that you enjoy it.

For a sneak peak inside the pages you can watch this little video:

Inside the pages of the zine, you will find a selection of practises that I used for managing my mischievous mind.

This includes yoga posture (asanas or poses, as many say), breath practises, meditations, and some questionable life advice from me about putting your phone down (only questionable because I do not feel I have any right to tell you what you should be doing… just sharing my thoughts on something I have found for myself…)

I created this free zine because I am incredibly passionate about sharing how wonderful our brains are. That we can change how they function and, from there, how we feel. How we think. How our bodies and minds are experienced.

Change Your Mind!

As humans, we are lucky that we have the ability to change the way our brain ‘works’. That we can study this, too, is amazing. It allows us to share with each other useful new information. And new information is good for our minds…

I’m referring, in this, to something called neural plasticity.

Neural plasticity is the biological, chemical, and physical ability our brains have to reorganise their structure and functioning. It occurs as a result of learning, experience and memory acquisition (also following brain injury). It used to be thought that this was a phenomenon seen only during childhood but it is now known that adult human brains continue to be reshaped by experience.

Both learning new things and living new experiences create new neural pathways and, when something is repeated, these new pathways strengthen.

This is important when we think of our mental health.

Neural pathways that we don’t use so much become weak even eventually die – this is called synaptic pruning.

What I teach, what I practise, are tools that can create such new neural pathways. New neural pathways that are created in a state of presence. Where we are not worrying or anxious or stressed out.

When we are worried, anxious and stressed out, when our mind is fretful and busy a lot of the time, the neural pathways our minds are huge fans of travelling down, that tell us we aren’t safe enough to stop, to be calm, to be still, to feel good, become more and more deeply engrained.

What we want to do, all of us by degree, is foster regular practises that make us feel, for a moment, calm, still, ‘good’, and present. Not only is it a good idea to repeat the practises but also to repeat noticing how they make you feel. Choose to do it again. Choose, again, to feel calm, still, ‘good’, again. And that new pathway gets stronger.

Over time, when we repeat such practises, we create really strong new neural pathways that are rooted in being present, mindful, calm… and those old anxious ones become less strong and a ‘road less travelled’ in our minds. Our mind, instead, more often travels down the new pathway, without us having to consciously choose it at all.

Most Humans Are Very Busy Creatures

I am too! I have three children, two jobs, a home to look after, extended family, pets, responsibilities up to my eyeballs… the list goes on and on. People often share inspirational quotes and advice about doing more of ‘what you love’ to live a happier, calmer, life. But that can feel SO out of reach.

What I love about what I share in this mini zine is that they are all practises that can be done in a matter of minutes. 1-3. 5 at most. And they can change how you feel quickly, shifting your mood for extended periods of time. Most of us could, if we chose to, find 5 minutes to do something for just us. Most days. And what I share in this mini-zine are all things that will allow you to become, if even for a moment, softer, calmer, more ‘here and now’ and not lost to what has come before in your life/day and what you are worried about happening next…

By taking one, or all, of them on, you can make a commitment to yourself that you will begin to ‘change your mind’ by sticking with it. Perhaps for a month. Perhaps for 40 days. Perhaps forever…

I hope that speaks to you. And I hope it makes some sense. If you have questions about what I write here, or anything on my website, you can email me: info@sarajaynekundalini.com.

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With love to you all