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It took me a long time to realise how much of my life was spent in a state of constant hyper vigilance and anxiety. I feel very lucky that I realised at all, many of us do not.

– Sara-Jayne Edwards
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Sara-Jayne Edwards: Kundalini Global Yoga Teacher

I am Sara, or Sara-Jayne, which is my given name and one that I have reconnected with since my yoga teacher training because it is what I am called by others when I am naughty. And being at least a little bit naughty is, well, nice, in my opinion.

I AM… myself. And I am happy with that. Now.

I am a Kundalini Global yoga teacher based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands who also teaches online.

I am fiercely passionate about the power of Kundalini Global and what it can offer us as humans in the modern world. A world where we are invited to be in a constant state of high-alert, fear, stress, comparison… Kundalini Global classes are a magnificent antidote. Why? Well, the best way to show you is for you to come along to a class but, in the simplest terms, they can gift you with tools to reset the entire stress system very quickly, bringing you to a, perhaps unfamiliar, place of gentleness, stillness and self-love.

I AM… fascinated by anatomy.

I had no idea what Kundalini Yoga was when I first stumbled in to a class several years ago. I joined expecting exercise and, instead, found a way to totally and completely change how I felt.

Beyond the mat, I am a mother of three incredible children, I have a wonderful partner, I have had a really fascinating career in publishing where I have taken on roles that varied from being a Digital Manager for an education publisher to the Managing Editor for a collection of lifestyle titles.

I AM… In awe of the power of stretching.

I love to run, to walk in nature with my faithful and much loved dog companion, Rebel, I play the flute, write, spend far too much money on books which pile up around my life like mountain ranges. Most of them get read. I love to create things. Music, poems, stories, blogs, candles, soaps, art… at the time of writing I am spending much of my time decorating feathers to give away as gifts.

I AM… with added wings.

It took me a long time to realise how much of my life was spent in a state of constant hyper vigilance and anxiety. I feel very lucky that I realised at all, many of us do not. I spent a long time never ever feeling safe enough to rest. To be still. Perhaps you can relate? If you can, and you’d like to change how you feel, please do get in touch so we can chat about how Kundalini Global can help you.


Trained in 2020 by the incredible Carolyn Cowan, Sara-Jayne is a passionate, creative and radically inclusive yoga teacher, with a specialism in, and real passion for stretching and breath work as tools in moving through anxiety and addiction.

Sara-Jayne currently teaches classes and workshops online, via Zoom.

As well as offering a free class every week, Sara-Jayne is passionate about making her classes inclusive and accessible to all and teaches with every body in mind.

Do you have questions about classes or want to get in touch?

You can contact Sara-Jayne via email:


Sara-Jayne is based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, United Kingdom.

Sara-Jayne can travel to teach, and to facilitate workshops.

Sara-Jayne Kundalini: Fun, Dogma-Free, Very Human and Very Kind.

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