Me and my life…

I am Sara, or Sara-Jayne.

Sara-Jayne is the name on my birth certificate. I never really liked or used it much but, somehow, it began to resonate with me on my yoga teacher training.

In my younger years, Sara-Jayne was used only when I was yelled at for being naughty. What I can accept about myself now is that being at least a little bit naughty is part of my nature. A part that can lead to huge fun.

I do love a little mischief.

I am a Kundalini Global yoga teacher based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands who also teaches online. 

I am fiercely passionate about the power of Kundalini Global yoga and what it can offer us in a world where we are invited to be in a constant state of high-alert, fear, stress, comparison… 

Kundalini Global classes are a magnificent antidote. Why? Well, the best way to show you is for you to come along to a class but, in the simplest terms, they can gift you with tools to reset the entire stress system very quickly, bringing you to a, perhaps unfamiliar, place of gentleness, stillness. And safety. 

That is perhaps an odd word to add isn’t it? Safety. It’s the most important, to me. 

When we feel overwhelmed, when we compare and despair, feel left out, anxious, pissed off, stressed… the feelings, sensations and thoughts we have are actually all about safety. Or lack of.

From the flood of stress hormones to the thumping heart to the shallow breathing… it is all our system wanting to keep us safe.

The response our body and mind is sent to when it experiences anxiety, stress etc. is all about keeping us, or making us, safe. But we can show the system another way. Other ways. 

I had no idea what Kundalini Yoga was when I first stumbled into a Kundalini Yoga as Taught By Yogi Bhajan class several years ago as a highly-dysfunctional thirty something clad entirely in black lycra.  

I joined expecting exercise and, instead, found a way to totally and completely change how I felt. It was all a bit odd, but I loved it. I have always loved weird, anyway. 

I wasn’t sure, at first, of how it worked. But I was immediately hooked. I’d never felt how I had after a class. So calm. So still. So present! The only problem was that, so beguiled was I by how different I felt after a Kundalini class, I bought in to a huge amount of cult thought about what I should do and be in order to deserve and benefit from the practise. 

Over a few years I changed most aspects of my life: how I slept, how I ate, what I wore, what I read, listened to… how I interacted with the world. I became terrified that if I got things wrong, if I missed a daily Sadhana, it would all fall away and I’d be back where I began: anxious, stressed, small, scared, separate. 

I kept going. The more I benefited the more sure I became that I wanted to share the practise on with others. But the cognitive dissonance I experienced when I sat with myself and reflected on the teachings always stopped me from pursuing it. Until I discovered Carolyn Cowan and Kundalini Global. 

It was what I had been waiting for. To be able to take apart the practise, examine the cult thought, to be taught about the anatomy, the hormones, the neuroscience… to feel I had agency. To be given permission to make the practise gentle, to be given permission to really, truly, be myself. Both in my practise and as a teacher.

Second only to childbirth, doing the teacher training was the most life-changing and transformative experience of my life. 

It would be impossible for me to ever fully articulate how wonderful the experience was for me and how much I have changed as a result. I suppose the key things are that I am calmer, more present to my life, and accepting of both my imperfections and incredible potency.

I owe Carolyn for much. She is truly, mind-blowingly incredible. My hope that I can share on all I have learnt in a way that does her teaching and generosity justice.

Beyond the mat, I am a mother of three incredible children, have a truly fascinating career in publishing where I have taken on roles that have varied from being a Digital Manager for an education publisher to the Managing Editor for a collection of lifestyle titles. Most of that online. I love the Internet. I know… a yogi who loves the Internet. Weird! 

I work hard. I love to run, to walk in nature, to climb trees. I play the flute, write, spend far too much money on books which pile up around my life like mountain ranges. Most of them get read. I create things, daily. Music, stories, blogs, candles, soaps, art. I need art as a tool for expressing myself. 

I am sober. 3 years at the time of writing. I work with commitment to myself on myself in moving through my anxious and addictive nature. I’m getting there, now, thanks to therapy, my practise, and learning all I have learned. But the work will never be done. Never.

I don’t like to be put into boxes. I have never felt like I fit in. I have never had a label that felt like it fit, not in any aspect of my life. What I know now is that such an experience is not only far from unique but also, guess what? It doesn’t matter. As soon as I realised it was how ‘not fitting in’ made me feel that was the problem, not the not-fitting-in itself, things began to unfurl. In the best way. 

I am not sure what else you might need to know about me. I get asked most often about the tigers and the art. I will never have a satisfactory answer for either. All I can say to you is that both come to me as a result of my practise. And for that I am eternally grateful. 

It took me a long time to realise how much of my life was spent in a state of constant hyper vigilance and anxiety. It was that state that brought me to yoga. I feel very grateful for that. And grateful, too, that I realised at all. Many of us do not. 

I spent a long time never ever feeling safe enough to rest. To be still. Perhaps you can relate? If you can, and you’d like to change how you feel, please do get in touch so we can chat about how Kundalini Global can help you.

It took me a long time to realise how much of my life was spent in a state of constant hyper vigilance and anxiety. I feel very lucky that I realised at all, many of us never do.

– Sara-Jayne Edwards


Trained in 2020 by the incredible Carolyn Cowan, Sara-Jayne is a passionate, creative and radically inclusive yoga teacher, with a specialism in, and real passion for stretching and breath work as tools in moving through anxiety and addiction.

Sara-Jayne currently teaches classes and workshops online, via Zoom.

Sara-Jayne has undertaken further teacher trainings in yoga for the anxious and addictive personality and in teaching breath practises to reach altered states.

As well as offering regular free classes, Sara-Jayne is passionate about making her classes inclusive and accessible to all and teaches with every body in mind.

Do you have questions about classes or want to get in touch?

You can contact Sara-Jayne via email:

Sara-Jayne is currently based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, United Kingdom.

She has moved around a lot over the years. Many of those years in London and some, too, in Liverpool. A city that will always have her heart.

Sara-Jayne Kundalini: Fun, Dogma-Free, Very Human and Very Kind.