Affirmations For Moving Through Anxiety

When I taught last weekend at This Life Divine we worked with a list of affirmations from my own little library that I have been building and several people have been in touch to ask if I could share, so today I thought I would.

Affirmation is fast becoming one of the tools I turn to first when I need to adult myself, soothe myself, and when I work with intention. I plan to run a series of workshops this year exploring different aspects of taking ourselves on, each using affirmation in our practise in a number of different ways. The first is coming up next month, where we will be exploring safety. You can find out more about that here:

Affirmations for moving through anxiety:

I Am Safe
I Am Calm
I Am Peaceful
I Am Gentle
I Can Choose
I Have Time
I Have Space
I Am Patient
I Am Present To My Life
I Belong
I Love My Body
I Am Safe In My Body
I Am Kind
I Am Kind to Myself
I Give Myself Permission
I Can Make Decisions With Conviction
I Love My Mind
I Deserve
I Am Creative
I Am Brave
I Am Strong
I Am Proud Of Me
I Feel Connection
I Love
I Am Loved
My Nature Is Divine
I Have No Fear
I Have No Pain
I Am
I Can
I Love My Life
My Life Loves Me

How to use affirmation?

Some like to affirm looking in a mirror. Some like to quietly recite one affirmation whilst breathing gently. I like to keep a list, a long list, that I add too and then to reflect in my daily practise on affirmations to work with on any given day. I then use them with my breath practise and sometimes with posture.

There is no right or wrong way. But the repitition of an affirmation practise is what begins to create transformation. It aids in neural plasticity. In changing the avenues that your mind has been programmed to meander down (or shoot down) most regularly.

I wrote recently about my own use of affirmation and how it helps me and it is something I very much intend to continue exploring over this year.

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