Almost Blinded, 12 Foot Trees, Your Magic Brain and Why I May Be Dressed as A Bauble For Days: What I Have Been Up To This Week

Lovely lovely humans.

I have been neglecting you and I am so sorry! My little life has been a whirlwind in these past three weeks, even more so than usual, and whilst to be busy is not new to me, I have had so few opportunities to pause, to be still, to run myself a gloriously deep and hot candle-lit bubble bath, a few (of my favourite) things have taken something of a backseat.

But I am back. I am rested. And I am 100% in the Christmas spirit. And I hope you are feeling the love too. I’ve missed you. And it’s been so lovely to have messages from some of you asking where I am and checking in. I so love this little community we’re building and cannot wait for 2021 as we continue to come together to experience the magic of finding stillness through Kundalini Global.

Perhaps to some it is dull to express or to hear, but I absolutely adore the run up to Christmas. On Friday we bought a 12 foot tree that I was 100% certain would fit in my front room. It 100% did not. Cue the usual hilarity of ‘spirited’ family dynamics. My partner may have (accidentally) almost blinded me with a very sharp pair of gardening shears. But the tree was eventually, and with apologies from me (to the poor tree not the partner), trimmed down to size.

Yesterday I decorated my house with my children. We wore Christmas jumpers, we listened to Mariah and Wham and The Pogues and, at one point, a very questionable version of the 12 Days of Christmas that was selected by my 7 year old son, we ate mince pies… It was fabulous. In every way.

2021 Will Be Divine

This Life Divine is a new, online, event that is coming in the New Year, for anyone who identifies as having an anxious or addictive nature.

One of the things that has been keeping me busy is helping to organise a really wonderful new online event that I am lucky enough to have been asked to teach on in the New Year.

The purpose of the event, which runs from 2nd-4th January, is to look at ways of moving through both anxious and addictive behaviours. For many of us it’s been a really challenging year and this event is designed to help as we move beyond it.

My own involvement comes on day 3 of the event where I plan to have a lot of fun with affirmation as we work through a series called ‘Reprogramming The Human Psyche’. You know how much I love brains, right? Well, think of this class as a journey in to how very magical your own brain actually is – it will be Kundalini Global yoga with added joy.

I believe that this 3 day event, which will take place via Zoom and involve a mixture of breath work classes, yoga classes, workshops and talks, will be an absolutely brilliant way to start the year.

It is completely not for profit in any way – the proceeds from ticket sales are being donated to a selection of relevant charities that support those moving through addiction. If you cannot, for any reason, afford a ticket, you can sign up for a place for free.

I will, no doubt, write more about what to expect at the event in coming weeks, but do go check out the website and sign up for your place – it’s going to be practical, fascinating and give us all access to a huge array of tools as we set new intentions at the start of the year and commit to new, fear-free, ways of being.

You do not have to commit to the full 3 days, you can choose 1, or you can come in and out, you can find loads of information and the full schedule here:

Join me for Christmas Party Yoga this week!

This week is my last week of teaching before I take a break from classes over Christmas.

If you haven’t been to one of my classes before it will be a fun week to join because I have committed to those who come regularly that I will be (you don’t have to, but I’d adore if you did) entirely in Christmas themed fancy dress all week. I may be a bauble, I may be an elf, I will avoid, for the sake of respect and good taste, dressing up as the Virgin Mary. I have had a request for Christmas music so perhaps we’ll do that too.

If you would like to come use the code FINDSTILLNESS at checkout to try your first class for free. Let’s have a LOT of fun and feel uplifted and joyous.

You can book this week’s classes here:

Reading so little my brain cells may die… and a really cool resource

Amazing offers from Vault Editions

When I said, at the start of this post, that I have had to take time from some of my favourite things in recent weeks, one of the most notable has been reading. I have been so tired when I flop in to bed that I have literally passed out the second my senses catch up to realise where I am. I have a to be read pile for my Christmas break that is so tall it may require crampons to climb so I will be posting loads over the festive period as I take time to catch up.

If you’re a creative type, or use social media for business in any way, one thing I HAVE been loving that takes the form of books is a series of publications from a company called Vault Editions.

Vault Editions curate collections of really curious and interesting royalty free images that can be used commercially.

They are not bog standard stock images. They are cool!

You buy them in printed books for between £10-20 so you can look through them like a catalogue and the book comes with a download of all of the images to use. So you get at least 100 interesting images for less than the cost of one from shutterstock or similar.

Then if you’re me you can cut up the book to make real life collages too!
Not to everyone’s taste but I am having fun with them and I think it’s an amazing offer. 

You can find them here:

I could write and write today, I feel I have so much I’d love to tell you, but I promise to be back next week, at the latest, and look forward to seeing some of you in classes this week.

Sending you all LOADS of love.


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