I love to write. 

In managing my emotional body, and dealing with my mind, one of few things that helps me as much as Kundalini Yoga is to write. 

I find writing extremely cathartic, a way of unknotting my thought processes that are often extremely meandering and unwieldy. 

Every Sunday (and occasionally more often) I write a blog post here for anyone who would like a little more insight in to my current reality or latest fancy dress inspired fun. (Yes, I really do love to dress up. No shame. No kink shaming is permitted in the land of Sara-Jayne Kundalini. We are radically inclusive and open-minded. Always.)

I’ve been writing blogs for around 17 years now. With the occasional break. It’s not the most popular of formats these days but, to me, it’s one of the most magical. One day I will crack open the archives and take you on journey back in time to what my brain was like in my twenties. Hint: peculiar! But for now, we’ll stick with the present. It is, after all, where I aim to be. 

So, enjoy! Or not. And if you do enjoy you’ll find an option at the bottom of this page to sign up to get my posts sent straight to your inbox. 


Latest Posts

Why do I believe that the yoga, wellness, and spiritual ‘world’ is really scary? And what, on earth, am I doing here?

I’ve been missing in action. Not only from writing, publicly, on my blog and on Instagram, but from the digital realms more broadly. I stopped using WhatsApp. Started leaving my phone in a drawer. I have made my screen time, beyond briefly checking in with friends and family, to be reserved solely for work.   The… More

A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives Before They Die 

A few weeks ago my eldest child returned home from school rather indignant. After throwing down their backpack with a loud sigh they recounted that, in their form-room that day, they had been asked to spend 20 minutes doing something mindful. They’d immediately lit up, reaching inside their bag for the novel they were enveloped… More

Everybody’s Free to Put Their Phone Down 

On 31st May 1999 I was 16 years, 6 months and 18 days old. In the midst of my GCSEs. Life was mainly about Kohl liner ringed eyes and angry stares. Bass guitars and flutes. Science fiction and literary classics. Languishing in the thrill of stolen cigarettes and fleeting, grubby, romances. I was probably revising,… More

A Pretty Bad Year…?!?

2021. It has not been an experience of reality that I will not, in the broadest sense, look back on with a huge fondness. It started with the inherent stressors that came with the lockdowns… namely, for me, keeping up with everything relative to work and home when the homeschooling of my three children landed… More

Don't be a dick...

Be An Original (And Don’t Be A Dick…)

I’m feeling rebellious, inspired and incredibly energised by life right now. I feel electric. I love how creative I am.  I am creative. I can affirm that with absolute certainty, needing no reinforcement, praise or encouragement. When you are creative (and you are, too, we all are). And when you have something original to show… More

Fingertip Fragility and What a Yoga Teacher ‘Should’ Be Like…

Lovely humans I spent last weekend on a campsite in Ditchling on a retreat for yoga teachers. It was very cool. I came back with extremely sore thighs from the potent combination of contorted-tent-bound-sleeping-positions on an ever-deflating-airbed, lots of yoga and some accidentally-treacherous-hill-walking. I also arrived home with a pretty deep cut on my finger… More

Sara-Jayne Kundalini Global Yoga Blogpost On Longing Header Image

Swaying to stillness and the exquisite bliss of longing for…

Lovely humans, I’ve been caught up in longing. Longing – a “yearning, eager desire or craving,” It comes from the old English langung  a “…weariness, sadness, dejection…” but no definition gets it quite right, for me. To sit in longing is an interesting space. Longing for someone is entirely different to ‘missing’  them, in my awareness.… More

Sara-Jayne Kundalini Global Yoga Blog Post

What happens when you stop giving your power away? A Barbie doll massacre, a neon crucifix and gold leaf flakes over all of my life forevermore…

Lovely humans I am feeling especially creative. As if I could transform my universe with nothing but an orange felt tip pen and my fertile imagination. As if my fingers leak glitter, birdsong and gold leaf flakes in every moment I am forced to be present to a task that does not lend itself, naturally,… More

Full Class Recording: Kidney Series

Here you will find the link to a video of a full, 60 minute, class recording of a Kundalini Yoga series focused on releasing fear, the Kidney Series. As you will see, the video recordings of full classes are all password protected. This is, in no way, to limit access but because for insurance purposes I… More

Full Class Recording: Reprogramming The Human Psyche

Here you will find the link to a video of a full, 60 minute, class recording of my favourite yoga series: Reprogramming The Human Psyche. As you will see, the video recordings of full classes are all password protected. This is, in no way, to limit access but because for insurance purposes I have to keep… More

Full Class Recording: Conscious or Unconscious You Do Affect Your Life Number 3

Here you will find the link to a video of a full, 60 minute, class recording of a really fun series called Conscious or Unconscious You Do Affect Your Life Number 3: As you will see, the video recordings of full classes are all password protected. This is, in no way, to limit access but because… More

Full Class Recording: Invest In Your Breath

Here you will find the link to a video of a full, 60 minute, class recording of a soothing and magical series called Invest In Your Breath. As you will see, the video recordings of full classes are all password protected. This is, in no way, to limit access but because for insurance purposes I have… More

Full Class Recording: In Your Present Presence

Here you will find the link to a video of a full, 60 minute, class recording of a totally fabulous and stillness-inspiring series called In Your Present Presence. As you will see, the video recordings of full classes are all password protected. This is, in no way, to limit access but because for insurance purposes I… More

Full Class Recording: Languish In The Luxury

Here you will find the link to a video of a full, 60 minute, class recording of a wonderful yoga series called Languish In The Luxury. As you will see, the video recordings of full classes are all password protected. This is, in no way, to limit access but because for insurance purposes I have… More

Slowing Down Time, Bunny Rabbit Post-Run Euphoria And The Octopus in The Evolution of Intelligent Life

Hello lovely humans Over the coming few weeks, as we get to the final two classes in the series of The Art of Changing Your Mind (you can still book on to these classes and access the final two live, recordings of the first 3 and all of the goodies that come with booking) I… More

Sara-Jayne Kundalini Global

“This is the great power of the brain, it’s plastic!” and other recent lessons from my life…

Hello lovely humans, In just over a week I begin a new series of 5, Tuesday evening, classes called ‘The Art of Changing Your Mind.’ These 90 minute Kundalini Global yoga classes have a specific focus on how practises such as breathing and stretching can aid us on a journey through stress, overwhelm and anxiety.… More

Giving Birth to Dancing Star, The Art of Changing Your Mind and The Apps I Use Most for Digital Art

Hello lovely humans It’s been a little while. I hope you’re all doing excellently. I’ve had a few weeks off from the majority of my classes and from doing anything on the blog. But I’ve been busier than ever. One of the biggest projects I’ve been working on is something I am very excited about… More

Sara-Jayne Kundalini Global Blog Post

Exquisite Stillness, My Weird Brain and A Bee at My Yoga Room Window

Hello lovely humans I write, today, on a truly beautiful Spring morning. It was a lovely moment to leave the house to do the school run, little hands gripped in mine, and feel the sun on my incredibly pale skin. It also caused me to pause and reflect on how little attention I had paid… More

Anne Boleyn Dreaming, Running Like The Wind, Breathing My Way To Stillness and What It Means To Have an Anxious Nature…

Hello lovely humans How are we all? If your experience of 2021 has been anything like mine so far it may be that you need cheering up a little… if you do I thought at the start of my post this week I would share the 5 things that have really lifted my mood lately… More

Minecraft Massacres, Plaintive Paws and Poems That Melt My Icy Cold Heart: What I Have Been Up To This Week

Hello lovely humans It’s exceedingly grey and miserable here in the ever-glamourous Wolverhampton. This feels to me the perfect excuse to stay home and ignore the plaintive sounds of Rebel the Golden Retriever, who sits across from me as I type, occasionally offering her paw as a gentle signal that I am not, in this… More

Sara-Jayne Kundalini Global

Manifesting Cosiness, Getting Creative and Storytelling Through Music, No Matter How Twee… What I Have Been Up To This Week…

Hello lovely humans I write to you from my usual Sunday spot, curled up in an armchair, wrapped in blankets with a warm drink within arm’s reach, always. I write my blog in this way each week and I relish this quiet hour. I so wish I could stay this way for longer periods of… More

Sara-Jayne Kundalini Global

Hell States, Fronted Adverbials, Safety and Beautiful Cephalopods Souls: What I Have Been Up To This Week

Hello lovely humans We’re a month in to 2021 and it’s been… an experience(!) already. Lockdown 3, if you’re in the United Kingdom, has really pushed at my buttons. Buttons I wasn’t entirely aware were still functioning. The pandemic has come closer to home than ever for me, this month, with many people I know… More

Making The Ordinary Sacred What Is Sacred Space? And Do Spaces Have A Gender?

At the start of every Kundalini Global class you will most likely, and most definitely in my classes, hear the teacher state that we will begin by opening a sacred space. What does that mean? I can give you my own explanation, but I’m very interested in what it brings to mind for you? What… More

Me and my beast

30 Days of Anxiety, Scrolling Slower and Building Lockdown Community Online

Hello lovely humans I am a big advocate for journaling, for writing more generally too. I find it to be a soothing practise and also one that truly aids me in becoming more aware of my own thought processes, emotions and triggers.  I have taken on a practise of drawing what my anxiety looks like… More

A Week of Reflections, Part 3: You Are More Powerful Than You Can Imagine

Hello lovely humans, As I close my week of posts in which I reflect on some of the many lessons I have learned through 2020, through the journey to becoming a Kundalini Global yoga teacher and all that the experience of that began to shift in all other aspects of my life, I wanted to… More

Sara-Jayne Kundalini Global

A Week of Reflections, Part 2: No! Is a Complete Sentence. The Importance of Boundaries.

Hello lovely humans, How are we today? It’s snowing this morning! Heavily. What a gorgeous thing. I woke up today, had a cold shower (much needed) lit a fire, did a magical 6am pranayama class with Carolyn Cowan and then looked out of the window to see the world had turned white. So magical. I… More

A Week of Reflections, Part 1: The Courage to Be Disliked

Hello lovely lovely humans How are we all? My Christmas was the quietest and calmest I can remember. That silence – well, as much silence as you can possibly get in a home that includes 3 children, 3 cats and a Golden Retriever who enjoys nothing more than barking at a stray Wotsit that’s somehow… More

Blossoms, Bones, Divine Life, Divine Trees, Christmas Heaven and a Gift From Me to You: What I Have Been Up To This Week

Happy Sunday lovely humans Before I get to anything else, I would just like to mention that I am offering a free class on Wednesday 30th December at 2.00pm, UK time. A post Christmas gift. If you would like to come you simply need to make sure you have added yourself to my email newsletter.… More

I Am: Grateful! Why Training To Teach Kundalini Global, Is The Best Thing I Have Ever Done…

Hello lovely humans So, this week, I finished teaching for the year. I decided I needed a little pause before Christmas, some time for some stillness and reflection before the chaos of having 3 very excited children in the run up to Christmas Day. When I finished my final class on Friday I was taken… More

Almost Blinded, 12 Foot Trees, Your Magic Brain and Why I May Be Dressed as A Bauble For Days: What I Have Been Up To This Week

Lovely lovely humans. I have been neglecting you and I am so sorry! My little life has been a whirlwind in these past three weeks, even more so than usual, and whilst to be busy is not new to me, I have had so few opportunities to pause, to be still, to run myself a… More

A Brand New Brain, Teapot Toucans, The Hair of Dead Loved Ones Woven in To Art and, of course, A LOT of Yoga: What I Have Been Up To This Week

Happy Sunday lovely humans. I greet you as such assuming you are, indeed, all human. Sometimes I do wonder. Let me know! On Friday it was my birthday. Friday the 13th. Very lucky indeed. Do you believe in the concept of luck? A while back a read a book called the Luck Archives that was… More

Lycra-Clad Dance Parties, New Moon Intentions, Hacking The Primitive Brain and The Unsettling Art of Anatomy… What I Have Been Up To This Week

Happy Sunday lovely humans! I am in an exquisite mood today. No particular reason, as such, I just feel as if a LOT of things have shifted energetically over the last few weeks. Do you agree? Irregardless of the why, I am sooooo enjoying my mind being more still than it has been for weeks.… More

Six Foot Skeleton Taxi Adventures, Watermelon Brains and The Courage To Be Disliked: What I Have Been Up To This Week

Hello lovely humans Before we get to classes and books and introspection I know many of you are absolutely desperate to know what I ended up dressing up as for Halloween. And I do worry that you may be disappointed in me. You see, after much reflection I had a truly epic idea. However, the… More

Pondering My Ability to Supersede a Zombie Orangutan, Coffee over Sleep and The Anatomy of Caress: What I Have Been Up To This Week

I need help! You see, in my house, Halloween is kind of a big deal. Me and my children LOVE it. We have boxes full of decorations that have been collected over the years that we eagerly count down the days to unpacking, we ALWAYS have a special Halloween themed breakfast that usually involves me… More

Smelly Tomatoes, Swearing in Showers, The Magic of Silence and Smashing Plates: What I Have Been Up To This Week

Happy Sunday fellow, magical, humans. I spent a big chunk of this week boiling hot (whilst repeatedly boiling the kettle) and feeling smelly. Not the best combination. Not at all. Something curious involving a valve happened to the boiler and the central heating got stuck ON very very high whilst no hot water would emerge… More

Acer Tree Endorphins, Aphrodisiacs by the Kilo, and the Beguilement of Angels Invading in Raindrops: What I Have Been Up To This Week

Hello everyone. I’ve decided I need a little bit of a social media break this week. My mind needs soothing. To be cleansed of the agitation of algorithms and the senseless stream of scrolling that comes to my mind when I try to drift off to sleep. I so love creating the content for my… More

Swamp Creatures, Hector the Heron and the Romance of Sweeping Chimneys: What I Have Been Up To This Week

Hello fellow humans Time folded in on itself this week. It feels as if I span around and it was Sunday again. Time flies when you are having an experience of life that very much ties in with why we desperately need yoga right now – life is busy! Busy and uncertain but, luckily for… More

Magic Trees, Women Who Speak To My Soul, And Forevermore Existing in a Cloud of Fairy Dust, What I Have Been Up To This Week

Happy Sunday. It seems this weekly update is the natural pattern I have fallen in to. It’s so very lovely to sit down after my morning practise with a cup of tea and reflect on the week that’s gone by. I hope yours has been magical. This week I was very happy to begin teaching… More

Beautiful Beasts, Radiant Wellness, Faded Rainbows and Open Hearted Cacao, What I Have Been Up To This Week

It’s been another busy week for me. Indeed, with three children, three cats, a dog, a partner and a very messy house, every week is extremely busy. And it’s a good thing. I love to be busy. This week has involved a lot of catching up. Work, emails, laundry… life! Coming slowly ‘out’ of lockdown… More

Tigers, Gratitude and A Large Dollop of Pride, What I Have Been Up to This Week

Life has been busy this week, yet, be it because we have been getting back in to our ‘normal’ routine of early mornings and school runs and work days, or the fact that Autumn, and the changing seasons at this time of year, is absolutely when I usually find myself feeling brand new, it has… More

The Language of Yoga: ‘What did she just say…?’

Before I get on to ‘talking’ langauge, I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who came along to my two free classes this week. I enjoyed both classes hugely and can’t wait to be back on the mat with you on Monday (7th September) at 7:00 pm, and Wednesday (9th September) at… More

NEW CLASSES THIS WEEK: TRY FOR FREE. Plus, cows, prayers, feathers, feminists and sluts, (what I have been up to this week.)

JOIN MY NEWSLETTER FOR DETAILS OF TWO FREE CLASSES THIS WEEK AND ALL THE INFORMATION ON HOW TO JOIN This week is all change for me. I am starting my new, online, class times, with an offer of trying them out for free. I do hope some of you can join me. The classes will… More

Calling in the Divine Feminine: why it is important for yoga and for life

In Kundalini Global yoga classes, calling on our Divine Feminine energy is a key element in what makes the practise exceptional. Exceptional in its kindness, in its openness to all humans and in its ability to really allow ANYONE practising to connect with themselves. Whilst I feel that the binary language here (indeed all binary… More

What can you expect in a Kundalini Global class?

I have always loved yoga, but I haven’t always gone to classes. Until I found Kundalini I was often too scared to try. What often held me back from joining classes when I moved around during my earlier years (I moved house roughly 15 times before finally settling where I am now) was that I… More

I AM … self reflective? Or self obsessed?

Maybe you are reading this and thinking ‘well, I’m not self obsessed!’ Perhaps the language conjures up images specific to how you perceive extreme vanity – the very well pruned, muscle pumped, tanned and gorgeous man who gazes at himself in the mirror as he lifts weights. It could be anything, really, except, perhaps, yourself.… More

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