Calling in the Divine Feminine: why it is important for yoga and for life

In Kundalini Global yoga classes, calling on our Divine Feminine energy is a key element in what makes the practise exceptional.

Exceptional in its kindness, in its openness to all humans and in its ability to really allow ANYONE practising to connect with themselves.

Whilst I feel that the binary language here (indeed all binary language) can be problematic in allowing us to open up to the idea of Divine Feminine energy it is important to say that it is not exclusive to women. It represents our connection to nurturing, to intuition, to collaboration, to creativity, to empathy, to sensuality… to so much magic and this is REGARDLESS of your gender identity. 

Every single one of you magical creatures reading this holds huge armfuls of feminine (and masculine) wisdom and energy that you are able to connect with consciously to use all parts of your unique magic in different parts of this peculiar human life.

The Divine Feminine is a sacred energy – it is one of two aspects of  consciousness under the esoteric thought that our consciousness is divided up between the masculine (right) side and the feminine (left) side.  The Divine Feminine is your intuition, your empathy, your creativity, your sensuality… 

Over thousands of years, this energy has been continually disregarded as we have been collectively (and individually) trained in to living lives regulated by masculine energy.

Masculine energy dominates our existence. Our systems. THE PATRIARCHY! Large capitalist organisations, mostly organised by men, God in the ceramic model referred to as  a “Him”, men dominating politics and leadership etc. It has also, often, dominated hierarchical, Guru lineages in yoga.

Women are required to be slaves to the system, drawing on their own masculine energies as they compare themselves against each other to evaluate how well they are slotting in to being ‘good’ enough, beautiful enough, young enough etc. It is material, ‘logical’, ordered, and out of whack (as it has been, largely unchallenged for a long long time) masculine energy is controlling, materialistic, egotistical, and obsessed with looks. All of this goes in to a massive melting pot of horror resulting in greed, corruption, war, materialism, abuses of power… 

Men are not victorious within this system either, so incredibly discouraged to explore and disconnected from their Divine Feminine aspect that they may be totally enable to express their thoughts, feelings, emotions. And is undoubtedly a huge part of why the biggest killer of young men is suicide.  And it needs to change.

I do not believe the divine feminine could ever have been totally lost, but beaten down. Even the act of childbirth, where a woman should be perhaps most in tune with her divine feminine powers of creation, has been systemised as something to fear and heavily medicalised Women are encouraged to be disconnected from their own intuition and are often left feeling powerless in the entire process. 

We can bring it back. I believe we ARE making the first steps. 

We need to stop, quite literally, buying in to the expectations of what a woman (and men, and those who identify as neither) should be. We need to let go of constant comparison, we need to reconnect with and respect our physical bodies as sacred and not OBJECTS. We need to let go of the need to be good. And to be chosen. 

My own classes, and Kundalini Global as a collective, strives to reconnect everyone who comes to class to this Divine feminine aspect of themselves as we invite you to connect to the ‘Divine within’ and show you how to nurture yourself, choose yourself, be gentle with yourself and find presence. We are also reclaiming the Divine feminine, Kundalini energy from the clasps of male dogma and rules. 

What do you think? Has the divine feminine been lost for you? Do you feel connected to these parts of yourself? Can you think of ways that your intuition, creativity, empathy, has been beaten out of you by the male dominated systems you’re encouraged to bow to?

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