Be An Original (And Don’t Be A Dick…)

I’m feeling rebellious, inspired and incredibly energised by life right now.

I feel electric.

I love how creative I am. 

I am creative.

I can affirm that with absolute certainty, needing no reinforcement, praise or encouragement.

When you are creative (and you are, too, we all are). And when you have something original to show to the world (you do, we all do). It’s a pretty cool thing if you can find the courage inherent in ‘putting it out there’ in an effort to reach others. In service to others, to inspire others, or… hell, to earn yourself a living doing something you were born to do.

But it can have its downsides too. 

When you truly are in touch with your creativity, when you are stepping up to be YOU… what I notice is that other people don’t necessarily like it too much.

Some people…

*whispers* …Some people will want what you have…

And they want it so very much, so desperately,

that they will try and take it for themselves.

Sometimes they will take only a breadcrumb at a time. Barely noticeable, at first.

Others will swoop toward you and gather up great big greedy armfuls of you without a backward glance.

I know, I know, it’s shocking, right? But it is true.

It’s something that happens in my world more and more. And I am not alone. 

Sometimes it’s just plain old creepy…

Having invested hugely in myself in a variety of ways in recent years I am not too keen on hacking off huge parts of myself to hand to others on a silver platter to feast on in gay abandon… but what can you do… when you’re feeling inspired, energised, and electric, some people just really want a piece of you for themselves.

Some of this happens unconsciously, and it can be quite easy as the creator of something to let that slide on by.

Other times it’s more blatant. Huge chunks of text copied and pasted from your website to theirs. Uncredited. Classes copied, from the intention to the music to that thing you said about Tiger penises. Haircuts, clothing choices, the way you have chosen to present your ideas. Some feel it all is fair game. Artwork, born of your own very personal relationship to yourself and the world. Creations that huge money, time, creativity and love was poured into… just copied. Blatantly. Often badly. And passed off as someone else’s original idea.

It can feel exhausting.

I’ll be honest, sometimes it feels quite threatening.

Once or twice, for me, it’s been just plain old creepy.

But what can you do? I can’t build an electric fence around myself and hammer a sign on my head that says ‘Danger. High Voltage’. Or can I?

Well, until I decide on that, I will say it again.


Hey, if you want to congratulate me on my art or my words or my dress sense that’s lovely. Thank you very much. And if you disagree and think I’m dull, uninspiring and flat then… excellent.

Your opinion will unroot my feet from solid ground no more than the feather from a baby sparrow floating from the heavens to land on my shoulder. How sweet. *Brushes feather off, picks it up, and sticks it on a canvas depicting neon sparrows exploring a supernova explosion*.

If you think that sounds arrogant. Well, it is, a bit! We all need a healthy amount of narcissism to feel pride, hold self-esteem and realise our own self worth. That I can hold my head up so high and say ‘I am creative’ is hugely important to where I am in my relationship to myself. I would not have been able to shout it loud and proud a year ago.

Through my adult life, what I do with my creativity has more regularly private than public. Be it playing, painting, building, photographing, decorating, writing or decapitating dolls.  None of you (unless you’re related to me, my neighbour or knew me well 20 years ago) have heard me play the flute. But I do it every day. Creating is not about the other. It is about exploring and expressing my feelings experiences and ideas, filtered through my own completely unique brain… 

To put some of what I create out into the world since becoming a yoga teacher has been rewarding. I am proud that what I have created is both authentic as a reflection of my inner and outer relationship to the universe and in being unlike what is most commonly seen in how yoga is presented… particularly online. 

I don’t strive for originality, I strive to be me. Originality is what comes from that…

Originality… It’s a terrific thing.

To be original, to hope to be… it can be a bitch. It can feel impossible, unreachable, when we’re out of whack with our own potency. Not sure who we are. What we want. What we think.

Who we are.
What we want.
What we think.

They sound like pretty basic elements in experiencing a human life.

But what we want,
what we think
who we are…

for many, they are lost. Lost in the noise. In the contractions in body and mind that they are not even aware exist, so familiar are they to their experience of what life can be. Comparing, despairing and searching for something, anything, to temporarily ease an uncomfortable sense that something is wrong.

All that is left is to spin around in a metaphorical blindfold with a shaky, pointing finger… a kind of  existential spin the bottle… and to land on someone who seems to own some semblance of what you perceive that you should want, think, and be and think ‘I’ll take that one. For me’.

Life is noisy.

We’re all continually taking in stimuli from our environments… how things look, what we hear, what lights us up, how people react, what turns us off… we take inspiration from nature and television and music videos and art and from other people we see who are cool and interesting, charismatic, funny, magical or strong …

Whether conscious or unconscious we take on aspects of what others say, think, do, create…

Last week, my own teacher, Carolyn, taught an incredible Kundalini Global class where we did a yoga series called ‘Be An Original’ and Carolyn explored the idea of what it means to be you. Your true, authentic, human self.

It struck a chord for me.

I realised how much that I do it too, unconsciously taking without doing the work to make it energetically elegant. And I’ve taken myself on in this. I would encourage you to do the same.

Take Carolyn, I’ve done pretty much all of her trainings.  And I would do them all again. She’s brilliant. Hilarious, exceptionally clever, unique in her thinking and extremely charismatic. She explains things in such a creative, distinctive and authoritative way…

It has been on a regular basis that I use words, idioms and ideas that I would NEVER have considered using before meeting Carolyn, because I have taken them from her… and it’s just not on.

I wouldn’t dream, ever, of stealing Carolyn’s written words, artwork or class plans. But both consciously and unconsciously I have been guilty of stepping beyond ‘inspired by’ into ‘taken from’ in how I teach.

It’s a shitty thing to do.

You could say it is hard to avoid copying. But it is not.

It is not hard to avoid copying. Just don’t do it.

Whilst it’s not hard to avoid copying other people, it’s really easy to not bother doing the work inherent in being yourself. Because it really is work.

It is so easy not to reflect on what someone has said, written, created … and consider how that can be translated into your own universe, for your people, through you, your lens, your lived experience.

But when you do that part, that’s when the magic happens.

Whilst we can be inspired by those we look up to or who hold positions we see as hierarchically above us in realms in which we walk, to be able to consolidate and percolate and really learn from them, to be able to make manifest what they have taught to us, to transform the ideas they shared, ideas that lit us up, into something that truly serves us and others, we have to run them through our own internal computer system and turn them into something new…

And that can take time, patience and real skill. Be patient with yourself. And don’t rush it. Focus on becoming you and the percolation will happen along the way.

Of course we are all influenced by things outside of ourselves, be they the moon or Harry Styles’ penchant for amazing trousers (something that inspires me, endlessly). But don’t be a dick.

If you buy some pastel flares, Harry Styles won’t care. Probably. Unless you’re Zayn Malik. But if you steal someone’s artwork, when the original was born of 15k of therapy, some very late nights and sixteen hours of introspection, it’s just not cool. Stop it. Be you.

It’s not always easy to stay ‘true to you’… but nothing truly magical and potent is easy.

You’re never going to find yourself the spaces between the ctl+c  and ctl+v commands on your keyboard. Try the whole qwerty spectrum instead.

Minecraft Massacres, Plaintive Paws and Poems That Melt My Icy Cold Heart: What I Have Been Up To This Week

Hello lovely humans

It’s exceedingly grey and miserable here in the ever-glamourous Wolverhampton. This feels to me the perfect excuse to stay home and ignore the plaintive sounds of Rebel the Golden Retriever, who sits across from me as I type, occasionally offering her paw as a gentle signal that I am not, in this moment, providing her with what she would like. Sigh. I will go out in the freezing drizzle and mud to walk. It’s a must for Rebel and for me too, I never regret it once I am out. A good opportunity to practise Breath of Fire, too. Doing Breath of Fire on a cold dog walk is quite a thing. A great way to get to grips with the breath and a good way to ward off the advances of strangers who will usually assume you are a little strange when you are rapidly pumping your navel as you walk!

We have a week off from homeschool. Hip hip hooray! We’re all absolutely thrilled about this. The kids are still in their PJs today. They’ve been eating cookies my mum made for them for Valentine’s day and generally doing very little else. It’s so quiet in the house. I love it. At least I love it until I go intermittently to check in on the silence and find some kind of horrifying calamity in the bedrooms upstairs that’s come from over enthusiastic Minecraft role-play.

Minecraft has been in my life now for at least 8 years. I must admit that I haven’t ever truly engaged with it until recently but I was very touched when my youngest child this week crafted a restaurant for me and his dad to have a virtual dinner in. I was a blue Power Ranger and his dad was Luigi. The youngest child was the waiter – Super Mario in a cat costume. And, as well as creating an entire restaurant, he’d made virtual menus for us to choose meals from and prepared an assortment of dishes. Unfortunately, my Minecraft skills were not what they they could’ve been and I inadvertently caused quite a lot of damage to the restaurant as I looked around. The entire experience was very sweet until the final moments of our meal when he announced that we would all ‘battle to the death’. It was actually highly amusing and a memory I am unlikely to forget. As I had absolutely no idea how to control my weapon I was killed extremely quickly. The amount of effort he had put in to the whole endeavour was admirable and we were all crying with laughter.

I am finding that it is becoming more challenging to stay present as the weeks pass in lockdown. I have to notice so often that my thoughts have begun to gallop off to the future… bringing with it an activation of a propensity I have toward being somewhat impatient. I find the thing that does really help with this for me is to practise gratitude. In this specific case writing out lists of what I am grateful for right now. Gratitude is a wonderful way to trick the brain and the stress system in to being more present. And I really do have much to be grateful for.

Classes This Week

Yesterday I ran a 3 hour workshop via Zoom where we explored creating safety – becoming safe enough to experience the magic of the yoga mat. We went in some depth in to the individual elements of what, in Kundalini Global, we call the magical equation:

Intention x Breath x Posture = Transformation

It was the first extended workshop I have run this year and I am hugely grateful to everyone who joined me. It was a great experience and I look forward to running it again soon.

This week I teach a free class at 8am on Wednesday morning. The link for that goes out to everyone on my email list on Tuesday evening. If you do not yet receive my weekly email newsletter you can sign up for that, and the free classes here:

I also teach at 7pm on Thursday evening and 10am on Friday morning. Both of these classes are 75 minutes long and can be booked here:

Everything that was broken…

I haven’t allowed myself to read much over the last few weeks as I have had a to do list longer than my over-long arms (I really do have long arms) that I needed to get on top of. One thing I have been picking up to enjoy, in quiet moments, are the poems of Mary Oliver.

Mary Oliver was an American poet who won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize. Her work was largely and hugely inspired by nature rather than the human world, and came from her lifelong passion for solitary walks in the wild. She did, though, write a book of poems about love. The collection is called Felicity and despite being a human who has never, ever, considered themselves to be a romantic by nature, I find them to be extremely beautiful. In a sentimental moment this particular one even made me cry:

Everything that was broken has
forgotten its brokenness. I live
now in a sky-house, through every
window the sun. Also your presence.
Our touching, our stories. Earthly
and holy both. How can this be, but
it is. Every day has something in
it whose name is forever.

–Mary Oliver, “Everything That Was Broken,” from Felicity

Consider my sharing of that a little Valentines gift to you all. Do get in touch. Let me know how you are. You can leave a comment below or email me. I always love to hear from you.

Sending you love. I should go for my walk now, right?

(edit: I did and it was lovely. If a bit damp!)



Manifesting Cosiness, Getting Creative and Storytelling Through Music, No Matter How Twee… What I Have Been Up To This Week…

Hello lovely humans

I write to you from my usual Sunday spot, curled up in an armchair, wrapped in blankets with a warm drink within arm’s reach, always. I write my blog in this way each week and I relish this quiet hour. I so wish I could stay this way for longer periods of my day but alas, that is not the life I have chosen for myself, not what I have, when I stop to reflect, ever actively worked to manifest. Perhaps that can be part of what comes next for me… manifest cosy time! It doesn’t feel like it should be too much of a challenge but knowing myself as I do, it certainly could be.

The weeks pass by in lockdown here in the UK. Somehow, for me, it feels that this happens very quickly. That may be down to the noise and activity that accompanies my life pretty much constantly inside the walls of my home… children and pets and always music and movement. I will admit that I am looking forward, very much, to my children breaking up for half term at the end of this week. It’s been a really interesting experience to support them through working on the activities and lessons they have each been set by school. But one we all need a rest from. More time to get out in nature. More time to just be. We all seem to have found a natural rhythm to our days, and exist relatively peacefully when the requirement to be prescriptive about how our time is spent is able to soften.

Something I have begun work on is the next set of 10 affirmation cards for a workshop I plan to run in early April called I Am: Creative. I’m in the process of planning the content for that workshop and am curious about if those of you who read this blog and my newsletter have ideas for what you would like me to cover. The focus will be on posture, breath and, of course, intention. But I am open to getting more practical too. I get a lot of questions about my processes and tools for creating my content and I am wondering if I should give space to talk about that a little too? Or perhaps that could be something separate to the workshop? I’d love to know what you think.

On Friday I posted out all of the packages for my upcoming workshop, I Am: Safe. I feel proud of what I have created and am so looking forward to sharing the workshop next Saturday. If you did not book a place, I do plan to put it on again in the not too distant future so let me know and I will make sure you hear about it first.

One of the I AM:Safe Affirmation card designs from my I AM: SAFE workshop. A Kundalini Global Yoga Workshop on 13/02/21.

‘Please don’t hate me…’

I had a hilarious time at the post office this week. When I arrived it was empty and I breathed a sigh of relief. I had 26 packages to send and I wanted them each to go tracked. I approached the counter, smiled to the young man who greeted me and opened with one of my most used phrases… ‘Please don’t hate me, but…’

It’s interesting, isn’t it? How we can so easily assume that we’re a nuisance for just being. For asking. For, in this case, using a service for exactly what it is inherantly for. He met me with something of a sigh when I revealed my two bags-for-life full of colourful parcels. Why would he not? I’d given him permission to show his disdain, after all. Of course, the queue built up quickly behind me. I mouthed ‘so sorry’ again and again to the humans waiting patiently behind me. After about 20 minutes it became too much for me to bear, I felt like such a pain in the ass, so I offered to pay up to where we were and then move to the back of the queue. This is, I guess, a generous gesture. But it did also give me pause to reflect on aspects of myself that I continue to work through.

Classes This Week

This week I teach my free class at 8am on Wednesday morning which you can sign up for here. These have been one of the best things I have done during lockdown, by far. It’s incredible to have so many of us coming together for a gentle reset at the start of the day. If you come, do consider joining a little earlier than the 8am start time so we can have a chat. It’s so lovely to build community. To have some human interaction at the start of the day!

I am also teaching at 7pm on Thursday and 10am on Friday. You can book those classes here. I am currently not teaching in person (for obvious reasons) nor my 10am Wednesday class as I am on homeschool duty at that time.

Beyond that I have a couple of really exciting and creative projects in the making at the moment that I am working on in the background and I really look forward to sharing more with you in coming months. I am also working on the exam for a training I recently undertook, which is hugely important to me. It’s a big topic: addiction and anxiety recovery, and I find myself spending lots of time reflecting on it in the stillness that comes in my early morning hours… hours that I tend to spend alone (my family are all night owls and I am a consistent early riser!) For my exam to do the training justice, I have made a commitment to myself to give the process the presence and the love it deserves. It’s taking a lot of hours but it is worth every second.

The soundtrack of my life…

Something that’s been a challenge for me as a teacher is music. I have written before, although perhaps not on this blog (and I will do) about my journey with mantra. But beyond mantra, when it comes to choosing music for my classes, I will admit I have been quite hesitant and uncertain of myself.

I have begun to find my feet (or should I say my ears) in this realm. Part of what I found tricky was that the music I adore, the songs that have accompanied me through my own story, and most of what I could easily identify as being very ‘me’, tends to include a huge amount of… well, story! I love storytelling through music and the bands and the singers that I adore all tend to weave stories through their lyrics in ways that mean they can be rather distracting when used in combination with breath and posture.

One of the bands that mean a huge amount to me is Belle and Sebastian. This week I have found myself hugely soothed by reconnecting to some of my favourite songs from them. I have quite interesting stories about my own experiences with the band… I have adored them for a long long time and they opened me up to many brilliant experiences and people. But, over the last 12 months, their music had begun to fade from my life. It’s been so fascinating to begin to introduce them back and find that many of the songs have been given new life and meaning. And comforting to find they can still accompany me on my journey. That opening up to new perspectives doesn’t necessarily mean closing doors to past comforts and aspects of your life that bring you solace.

Belle and Sebastian have long been ‘accused’ of being twee. A funny little word. I don’t know if I believe it to be a ‘fair’ label. But what I do know is that their music speaks to me in a way few others ever have.

The lead singer of Belle and Sebastian, Stuart Murdoch, has started to teach free meditation classes via Facebook over the last 12 months, which are a real joy. If you look up Belle and Sebastian on Facebook and like the page you will be notified when Stuart goes live. I think he does it a few times a week. Recommend!

I have a playlist of some of my favourite Belle and Sebastian songs on my Spotify, where you can also find all of the playlists I create for classes.

I haven’t read anything this week, other than New Scientist magazine and the manual for the teacher training I finished last week. But I have a ‘to be read’ pile calling for as soon as my exam is done and will be updating you on what I am reading next week.

Until then, have the most gorgeous week and I hope to see you on the mat in one of my classes, if you feel called.

Loads of love


Affirmations For Moving Through Anxiety

When I taught last weekend at This Life Divine we worked with a list of affirmations from my own little library that I have been building and several people have been in touch to ask if I could share, so today I thought I would.

Affirmation is fast becoming one of the tools I turn to first when I need to adult myself, soothe myself, and when I work with intention. I plan to run a series of workshops this year exploring different aspects of taking ourselves on, each using affirmation in our practise in a number of different ways. The first is coming up next month, where we will be exploring safety. You can find out more about that here:

Affirmations for moving through anxiety:

I Am Safe
I Am Calm
I Am Peaceful
I Am Gentle
I Can Choose
I Have Time
I Have Space
I Am Patient
I Am Present To My Life
I Belong
I Love My Body
I Am Safe In My Body
I Am Kind
I Am Kind to Myself
I Give Myself Permission
I Can Make Decisions With Conviction
I Love My Mind
I Deserve
I Am Creative
I Am Brave
I Am Strong
I Am Proud Of Me
I Feel Connection
I Love
I Am Loved
My Nature Is Divine
I Have No Fear
I Have No Pain
I Am
I Can
I Love My Life
My Life Loves Me

How to use affirmation?

Some like to affirm looking in a mirror. Some like to quietly recite one affirmation whilst breathing gently. I like to keep a list, a long list, that I add too and then to reflect in my daily practise on affirmations to work with on any given day. I then use them with my breath practise and sometimes with posture.

There is no right or wrong way. But the repitition of an affirmation practise is what begins to create transformation. It aids in neural plasticity. In changing the avenues that your mind has been programmed to meander down (or shoot down) most regularly.

I wrote recently about my own use of affirmation and how it helps me and it is something I very much intend to continue exploring over this year.

A Week of Reflections, Part 3: You Are More Powerful Than You Can Imagine

Hello lovely humans,

As I close my week of posts in which I reflect on some of the many lessons I have learned through 2020, through the journey to becoming a Kundalini Global yoga teacher and all that the experience of that began to shift in all other aspects of my life, I wanted to talk a little (again, such huge topics, I so wish I could write all day!) about something I have completely fallen in love with: affirmation. Why? Because beginning a daily affirmation practise has shown me, in a HUGE way, the power of the quantum field.

To put it simply, what we affirm, what we say to the universe, really does have an impact on our reality as it appears to us. If we constantly say that everything in our lives is stressful and shitty and depressing or dull, if we call ourselves stupid or unworthy or say ‘I hate my life’ (or, constantly use the hashtag #fml on social media!) then guess what? That is what the universe will show you. Again and again. You can think of it in terms of confirmation bias or you can think of it in terms of neural plasticity and how our minds create new pathways based off of new and repeated thoughts/habits etc. You can think of it in terms of quantum physics. Or magic. Or connection. Divine intervention. It doesn’t matter how you frame it. What matters is that, in my experience, changing how you talk about yourself and your reality, beginning to step away from negative self-talk, playing with affirming what it is that you want from life… it works. It creates transformation.

We can create our own change. We have inherent power that we have been programmed not to tap in to. All of us. No exclusions.

The patriarchy, social media, the media… huge companies and entrenched systems that it’s so easy to become bound by… they want to make us small. They want to keep us fearful… to rely on going back to buy, to like, to comment, to be offended… they know that we will keep going back if we are scared as a way to try and soothe ourselves. As a way to feel we’re a part of something. As a way to try and feel we have some control, some autonomy, in how we feel.

But we do have agency. We do have a means to take the reins of our reality. And it can, in part, come from what and how we affirm.

I’m utterly fascinated by how impactful introducing affirmation in to my day has become. I have a list, I add to it and edit it regularly. In it I focus on what it is that is tripping me up at that time. Perhaps I am feeling lacking academically, I may affirm ‘I love my mind’ ‘I am intelligent.’ I affirm what I want or what I need to hear. I believed for a long time I could only be reassured by the ‘other’ – from outside of me. I am coming to realise that what I always wanted, the reassurance that never quite came, I can give that to myself… and from there I can step out to help others do the same.

Today I worked with 5 affirmations in my own private daily practise. They were:

I can choose.
I give myself permission.
I love my mind.
I love my body.
I am safe.

The affirmation I use the most often is that final one – I am safe. It’s a good place to start. Always. To be, to feel, to believe you are safe enough. It isn’t possible to always be totally safe. But safe enough is an amazing place to be. From safety can come transformation.

We have to feel safe enough to change. We have to recognise we do not like how we feel, that our internal and eternal relationship to ourselves and the universe isn’t cutting it for us. In short, that we’re suffering.

From there we can make ourselves, in a variety of ways, safe enough. Safe enough to try something new. Safe enough to play with the power we hold.

Until that time all of the very many safety mechanisms we have built up around our lives that cause us suffering, safety mechanisms that we often can’t even recognise – in how we interact with others, in our relationship to food, in our anxiety, in how we use alcohol or sex or whatever it may be – things that we use to give ourselves an illusion of safety – it is too hard to put those safety mechanisms down.

I am safe. To affirm that. It’s one aspect in creating that. It may not be that simple for everyone. Believe me, my safety states are deeply deeply entrenched and I am still working on them tirelessly. But I am safe enough to wake up to new possibilities. In a big way this comes from my recognition that my safety states exist. And from there that I can, with the right tools, begin to put them down.

That’s why I write about affirmation today. For me it has been one of the most powerful tools of all.

I believe, wholeheartedly, that to affirm as part of a daily ritual is one of the most powerful tools we have in changing how we feel… In changing our minds! And yes, in creating safety.

I wholeheartedly recommend starting your own list of affirmations – you can do it on your notes app on your phone. Keep adding to it, edit it. Then read it aloud to yourself each day. Every day. I do it. It’s so so powerful…

And yet. 

I still do that thing… I go to put the cornflakes in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard, notice my error, bash myself on the forehead and proclaim out loud ‘ugh, I’m such an idiot’. I mean, that’s a fairy innocuous example, I know, but, like many people, I have a propensity for saying pretty horrible things about myself on the daily. I’m working on that. 

The reason that affirmation can work is because, especially when repeated day after day, it opens up the possibility of programming your mind into believing the stated concept. This is because the magical mind, whilst very clever and interesting, doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is a glorious and gorgeous fantasy (or a hellish one, of course, too!) 

If I tell the world i’m an idiot, not only will I more deeply engrain the statement in my own mind but, beyond, the universe will likely keep showing me all the ways I am. If I tell the world I am safe. I am creative. I am. I can. Things change. They really do.

I’ve written before about the very wonderful equation we work with in Kundalini Global: 

Breath x Posture x Intention = Transformation 

I went out for a long walk in the snow yesterday and my mind went to this equation, to how extremely powerful it is. How this little sum has completely changed my reality.

A little filmic scene came to my mind. I saw my 2020 as if I had been some kind of nerdy, dedicated maths professor coming to my desk each morning to work on solving the same simple sum. Baffled and in awe of how each time I come up with a different answer. 

But the desk was my mat. And rather than a numerical answer the outcome was laughter or tears, reluctance, strength, hundreds of different results over a year that’s led me through SO much change. 

It would be easy to glance at this magical equation and consider it small. It is truly enormous. Why? It can connect you to how powerful you truly are. As you work with it, as you begin to notice the small changes that come from working with the quantum field in this way, you begin to realise a truth: you can create your own change. Always. 

A teacher or a guru or a book or a video you watch on here or on YouTube – they can guide you toward that change. But it is you who holds the power. Always. 

In my free class tomorrow we are adding affirmation to the mix. Coming under the umbrella of our intention, we can affirm as we work with posture and breath. If we are doing a dynamic Cobra, we may usually imbue the posture with intention around releasing us from the stress system, or around opening the heart. To add affirmation changes the experience further, ‘I am open hearted’ we may affirm as we inhale up, ‘I am calm’ as we lower ourselves down. It’s so fascinating to become aware of our responses to affirmation as we begin to affirm positively. 

I hope to see lots of you in class, 2pm tomorrow. Until then, stay magical, stay powerful.

Sending all my love