Dancing Star Issue 2: Out Now

Hello lovely humans

I’m really excited today that, finally, my second issue of Dancing Star is now LIVE.

This issue got so long that I had to have it perfect bound so, really, it’s more like a short book! It smells delicious. Dancing Star is truly a passion project for me and I am really proud of this issue. Immeasurably so.

There is something so special about how the issue is sent off via the digital cloud, out into the universe and then, in a number of days she will arrive back, packed neatly in a box, to my door. No longer digital but REAL in the IRL world. It’s a magical process. One I love. I am so grateful of your support with this project.

When I read through the issue after it was completed, only then did I truly notice that I return often, within the pages, to the history of my own practise with Kundalini Yoga. This was not my intention but it seems that the universe conspired to make it so. I am good with that. I needed some of this out in the world. Expunged. It is, right now, a time of huge reflection. Not just for me, for many.

It’s 2021. The past year, more, has been a challenge. I sit now and recall all I have come to learn. I can reflect, too,  on all I have let go. What do I want to keep from lockdown? Much, is the answer. The stillness I found for myself. The therapy I took on again, finally. The connections I have made… the connections..! They are a huge aspect of what has been most welcome.

I feel utterly delighted that some of those connections have agreed to contribute to this issue. Before you check it out, I want to acknowledge and say thank you to them…  to Floria, Hannah, Sofia and Lisa who have shared their voices in this issue. 

Here’s a little video of me packing up the first issues tonight:

With this issue of Dancing Star, you get 4 postcards, a bookmark and a handmade star badge or ornament. These stars are a little, imperfect, gift from me to you. Each with their own character, I will give your star a name and name tag before it is added to you package.

Here are some photos of the issue:

Issue Two

You can get your issue of Issue 2 of Dancing Star here:

What is inside:

Inside issue 2 of Dancing Star you will find:

Articles including:

Death and Yoga
Why Are We So Scared?

Divine Decay
By Floria Lundon

For Whom Do I Stand?
Yoga for Mental Health?

Death to Gurus? Divine Enlightenment
By Lisa Harrison

Mul Mantra 40 Day Journey
By Sofia K.

And more…

AN Amazing Comic called ‘A Kind World’
By Hannah Joseph.


Facing The Challenge of Tomorrow
For The Negative Mind
To Hold The Crown Chakra

Postures, breaths, mudras… so much more.


Floria Lundon.

Hannah Joesph.

Sofia K.

Lisa Harrison.

and me!

If you have any questions about Dancing Star don’t hesitate to send me an email
or leave a comment on this post and I will get back to you.

Sending you loads of love. If you do get a copy I hope that you love it as much as I loved putting it together.


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