Dear Intuition…

On Tuesday, we reach the end of a series of classes exploring Intuition.

It is a topic I have been exploring for myself a lot in recent months. It is not one I will be letting float on by when the classes end.

It’s been really cool to discuss the topic with others over the last 5 weeks.

The classes will remain available, as recordings, so you can still join if you would like to. You could come to the final class live and catch up on the other 4 via the recordings in your own time.

To mark the end of the series, and to mark the latest project that forms part of our newsletter art gallery, I have written a letter, with my words and yours, if you shared some, to our Intuition.

Here it is:

Dear Intuition,

We want to hear you.

We so do. 

But your voice has become quiet. 

Quiet and, for many of us, out of reach. Perhaps that’s because we cannot find you within the shiny landscapes of our digital lives. Perhaps that’s because you’re bored of us, our decisions, our lives, our speed, our noise. 

Or perhaps that’s because we’re not listening for you at all. 

I asked others what they thought of first, when they thought of you. 

They said that you are listening and trusting, that you are an inner vision, a gaze of glory. Instinctive. Always there. Hidden. Whispering, Without form. That you are ritual and rhythm, creative and alive, that you are imaginative. That you are peaceful. That you are calm. 

They described you as Knowing without knowing, as personal, unique to each of us, and as softer, so much softer, than our thinking minds, that you ride on the pathways of our breath. 

You bring to mind magic eyes and owls, pure white cats, dingos, ferrets and bearded dragons. 

When I said intuition someone said back this word: WOMEN. That made me smile. 

What came to me most was that you are a very quiet voice among a lot of noise. That you are foggy and far away.

Yet that you never stop whispering when we become still. 

We will listen, now, to the whispers when they come. Commit to being still enough for your words to land. We will notice the synchronicities in our day,  acknowledge the pastimes that allow us to move in a state of flow and, from there, do them more.

We will notice intuition in our bodies, when the body signals ‘yes’ or ‘no’… and allow reflection on that to guide our thinking mind. 

We will. 

We hope. 

Because one thing that is true for every person who I spoke to about you… you’re important to us. Really important. So thank you for sticking around. 


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