Free Classes

Free Classes:
Both Recorded and Live over Summer 2021

Coming together to create community, to breathe, to stretch… it changes how we hold ourselves. How we respond to what we face.

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Since January 2021, when another national lockdown was announced in the UK, I have offered free classes. We started on Wednesday mornings. Then, when schools opened, they moved over to the weekend. 

To everyone who has attended them so far… thank you. These classes have been source of huge joy for me. I love the community we have built together and am really sad that I must, now, take some time off. 

Over the summer it has become clear that it is going to prove utterly impossible to maintain my weekend free classes owing to time away, a surgery needed on my leg, my children being home full time and… life! 

I am really keen to resume Saturday and Sunday mornings in September if you are too. 

Until then, everyone who signs up to my email newsletter (and those already on it will…) 

Gain access to a library of class recordings. Some are already live. More are coming. I have 50 classes which I am working through editing to add. These recordings are all password protected and the password shared with those on my email list. 

– Access a new recording that will be added every week. I will send an email to let you know when it is live.

– Class links for a series of free classes that I will run over the summer. I have gone through every date in July and August to figure out the maximum number of classes I can offer. 

– A live free class will offered, wherever possible, during the latter part of July and through August, on Tuesday evenings. This will be a full, 75 minute, class. The dates for these free classes are currently as follows: 

Tuesday 20th July at 6:30pm

Tuesday 10th August at 6:30pm

Tuesday 17th August at 6:30pm

Tuesday 24th August at 6:30pm

Tuesday 31st August at 6:30pm

More will be added where I can.

From Saturday 4th September, we will go back to free weekend classes or we can continue on Tuesday evenings. Let’s see what we all feel at the end of the summer! 

So you will all have lots of free classes – live and recorded – whilst I take this break from the weekend classes.

All of my classes focus on ways to soothe the stress system and we will use a mixture of pranayama (breath) practise, posture and meditation. If you have any questions about classes you can read my post on ‘What To Expect in a Kundalini Global Class’ or feel free to get in touch.

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With love


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