Lycra-Clad Dance Parties, New Moon Intentions, Hacking The Primitive Brain and The Unsettling Art of Anatomy… What I Have Been Up To This Week

Happy Sunday lovely humans!

I am in an exquisite mood today. No particular reason, as such, I just feel as if a LOT of things have shifted energetically over the last few weeks. Do you agree? Irregardless of the why, I am sooooo enjoying my mind being more still than it has been for weeks. I intend to enjoy it, in these moments, fully. Next Sunday we have a new moon, and whilst I am absolutely no expert on astrology I do love to gather up armfuls of gratitude, affirmation and intention during this week of the cycle. Time to make plans! Fun ones, too. Lockdown should not stop us. In fact, I believe it is the perfect time to train, to read, to learn, to grow. To dress head to toe in lycra and pretend you’re a tiger human as you dance to Katy Perry (that last one may just be me).

As the below images will show you I am yet to grow so much that I don’t spend much of my time being ridiculous and making myself laugh. Part of what was intended as my Halloween costume FINALLY arrived this weekend. You would be AMAZED at how comfortable this outfit it. I’m not really one for excessive nudity (even if I lived alone I don’t think I’d spend much time with no clothes on) but these morph suits… I could LIVE in them. Maybe I will. A whole rainbow of lycra so I can match my mood to my second skin. What do you think?

YES that is me in there (the tiger not the fearful cat!)

My Yoga Week Gone By (And To Come!)

My classes remain at the same times this week. Online only, for the moment. I have:
Wednesday Morning at 10am.
Thursday Evening at 7pm.
Friday Morning at 10am.

Friday morning I do hope some of you will join me as, not only is it the EXTREMELY LUCKY Friday the 13th. But it also happens to be my birthday! So expect a very special treat of a class. I may even do it in fancy dress.

You can book classes here:

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As a student I have had the most gorgeous week of classes.

As usual my yoga week was very Carolyn Cowan focused. Carolyn’s Great Anxiety Hack has been the main focus of my Monday evenings for the last few weeks. This week’s workshop had a focus on the very clever and very important and, in many cases, extremely naughty part of our primitive brain called the amygdala. Learning to “hack the amygdala” has been the absolute core element of my learning this year. I can never learn or hear enough about it. And to experience the breaths, the stretches, the intention, that allows us to have such agency in our own stress system – a system that has been weaponised against us – it is just UTTER BLISS. I have never felt as gentle and relaxed as I do at the end of Carolyn’s classes and workshops. If you haven’t experienced it you really must.

Luckily, not only can you book on to the remaining parts of the Great Anxiety Hack here:

But Carolyn is also rather generously offering two FREE Kundalini Global classes next weekend. This is like the ultimate Birthday gift for me. You can sign up for them here:

Anatomica: The Exquisite and Unsettling Art of Human Anatomy

I am aware that I may be unusual in my adoration of human anatomy in art. But adore it I do. So when I came across this book online a week or so ago I had to get my  phalanges on it as soon as I possibly could. This book is DIVINE. However, to warn you it is also somewhat macabre in places. Many places, in fact. So if you’re a squeamish sort, it may well not be the book for you.

The author, Joanna Ebenstein, is a Brooklyn-based artist, curator, writer and graphic designer. She is the founder of the Morbid Anatomy blog. She is basically amazing. Morbid Anatomy. That’s basically heaven, to me.

As humans we love to try and understand ourselves. It’s something of a curse sometimes, I think, As well as a blessing. One such was we seek to understand is through studying the body. Its systems. Its parts. Because humans are very creative and magical this means that through history, we have left behind a whole load of AMAZING art exploring anatomy, art that demonstrate not only ‘facts’ about the human body, but also the ways in which our ideas about the body have changed over time. We’ve had some peculiar ideas over time. Probably still do. It’s soooooo fascinating to delve in to the pages of this book. Do check it out if it sounds like something you’d enjoy.

Have a lovely lovely week. Do leave a comment to let me know you’ve been here and I so hope to see some of you in online classes this week.

With all the love,

Sara-Jayne xxxx

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