Magic Trees, Women Who Speak To My Soul, And Forevermore Existing in a Cloud of Fairy Dust, What I Have Been Up To This Week

Happy Sunday. It seems this weekly update is the natural pattern I have fallen in to. It’s so very lovely to sit down after my morning practise with a cup of tea and reflect on the week that’s gone by. I hope yours has been magical.

This week I was very happy to begin teaching in person. And, on a personal note, it was very special for it to be happening in the place classes are held. Whenever, before my teacher training, I would sit and daydream about teaching Kundalini yoga, about how I would go about sharing the magic of the practise with others, it was always, always in the Coach House at Bantock House Museum that I would see myself. It’s just a very happy place for me. And happens to exist next to a tree that I have a very strong bond with. So I felt a huge amount of love and gratitude to be there this week. It was a wonderful class and we’re back this week, keeping it small and safe, as we look in to more ways we can cope during these strange and challenging times.If you’d like to come along, I have had 2 cancellations so you can still book for Tuesday if you’re quick. Send me a message if you have any questions.

The venue I am teaching in Is right next to this tree, which is very special to me! We celebrated together after class.

Beyond classes, all of which were particularly wonderful this week (thank you so much to everyone who has come, I adore you all!) I have had a rollercoaster of a week. It has been so peculiar to reflect on the uncertainty of lockdown (or not lockdown, who knows) and how I feel to sit in the space of all it conjures up for us all. I had one day this week where I really did struggle. It was overwhelm. I hadn’t had enough sleep, enough rest, enough self care. And it is really really amazing how much the negative can begin to creep around your body like bindweed.

Learning’s to self regulate, through the Kundalini Global teacher training is something I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for. I have noticed more and more how, the more I begin to notice the earliest signs of myself being drawn in to old familiar thought patterns and behaviours, the more I turn to my tools and practises, the ones I have, through trial and error, realised work for me, the quicker I can bring myself back to, well, myself. And that was my experience this week. Realising a ‘bad day’ does not equal a ‘bad life’ or being a ‘bad person’ is something that can really transform your relationship to the universe.

Women who speak to my soul

I don’t have a book to share this week. I am mid way through a book that it quite possibly in my top 5 most fascinating reads ever, and will undoubtedly be writing about that in due course. But not yet. Beyond that I have been reading my teacher training manual. A lot. Really a lot. It is the best thing I have ever read and I aspire to be at a point I have pretty much memorised it. And it is extremely long! That’s my peculiar brain at work. I just want ALL the knowledge. Actually, that’s not true. But I want the knowledge I find really speaks to me, and nothing ever has like the Kundalini Global manual.

What I really have been doing a lot this week is listening to music that I find extremely comforting. I have a penchant for ethereal, intelligent, piano playing female singer songwriters and my two very favourites, Tori Amos and Regina Spektor, have been playing in my house literally non-stop this week. I am sure I noticed the dog sigh and put her paws up to her ears when Tori began blasting in my yoga room again this morning at 6am.

If you don’t know the song ‘Silent All These Years’ by Tori Amos then you’re really missing out. I think the lyrics to this song are the funniest, cleverest and most touching of any song. Ever. I feel my heart literally vibrating when I even write about it.

Silent all these years

I love her. SO much. Cannot begin to express how much a love this song. My favourite ever. Ever. Ever. She’s magical.

Dismantling skeletons (when I should be doing much more ‘important’ things)

I’m in a very fortunate place at the moment whereby I am feeling my creative energies in full force. All the time. This is really magical and I LOVE it. Long may it continue. The frustration, though, is that I cannot get everything I am inspired to do done. Not without the rest of my life crumbling in to chaos. This kind of came to a head yesterday afternoon when I was literally half way through cleaning the bathroom and just abandoned it to go and do some more work on my glittery skeleton art project I am working on. It was a very interesting moment when, after doing so, I managed to drop my 1kg bag of glitter which landed on my yoga room floor with a thud and with that sent a huge cloud of glitter literally all over my life.

Glitter for life. There is no escape now. I’m fully committed to forever more be existing in a haze of fairy dust. Not even upset about it to be honest.

What every sensible mum of 3 abandons her toilet cleaning to turn their attention to.

Do something amazing…

Whilst I believe the 220hr Kundalini Global Level One Teacher Training starting in February is now sold out, I cannot leave a weekly post without imploring you to go and check out what Carolyn Cowan has on offer at the moment.

As well as the prayer workshops, the first round of which finish today (boooooo, although I am signed up for another later in the year, hurray!) I did an exquisite workshop with Carolyn yesterday on hormones and their relationship to the nervous system. We also did some yoga which left me feeling so incredibly serene and soft I could have stayed laying on my mat for hours. You must experience what Carolyn’s teaching does. It is just magic. Yesterday’s workshop was so brilliantly fascinating and I came away feeling more excited than ever to be a Kundalini Global teacher. I am so lucky to have had this opportunity to train with Carolyn.

Carolyn has a lot coming up, and it is all online. Which is so so great. I would never have been able to access the amount of classes and trainings I have this year without all that Carolyn has offered the world during lockdown. It has carried me through this year. Literally.

Check Carolyn’s website here, and sign up to her newsletter:

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