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A little taster of what to expect…

My classes are suitable for anyone totally new to yoga and such things. It’s all pretty simple. And I explain all we are doing as we go. Online classes are always recorded for catch up or replay. I run a regular class on a Tuesday evening at 7pm UK time.

I work hard to make my classes informative, relaxing, unusual and fun. The primary focus of all of my classes is to share things that may mean that, temporarily, you experience yourself differently, in a positive way (serotonin and endorphins tend to do that)…

My classes have a lot of pauses in them, where we rest and notice how we feel. That’s an important part, for me, because whilst we can be really skilled in things like releasing endorphins, we don’t always pause to experience what our bodies and minds are like with them at play, at higher than usual levels for us, in our bodies. Doing so is, in my experience, a lovely thing.

Another thing I would aim for in classes is that you pick up some ideas for things you could do, away from class, when you get upset, anxious, triggered, cross… or when you spend too much time on social media.

All of the practises I share are, in the broadest sense, about working with what I refer to as ‘the stress system’. They work, in a number of ways, by us choosing to take control of that system, when it doesn’t need to be switched on, to tell it we are safe enough for it to stand down, for now.

The stress system is an umbrella term for the different parts of our body that play a role in a stress, or ‘fight or flight,’ response.

In such a response, which many of us are triggering all the time, major muscles in our body tighten (including our diaphragm and heart… so our breathing and heart rates change), stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are released… I talk a lot about these things in class.

This system is really interesting, complex, and we need it. We need it when there is a real threat in front of us.

But we can consider that it doesn’t necersarily need to be switched on, sending us into a response designed to keep us safe from a knife-wielding stranger in a dark alleyway, when we see something that offends us on social media, our Amazon delivery gets lost, or our work colleague gives us the stink eye. Having tools to soothe ourselves, so we don’t stay in cycles of lashing out at (or running away and hiding from) others, and/or constantly thinking shitty things about ourselves and doing shitty things to ourselves.

I have found that doing the things I teach, myself, is really helpful. I also find understanding them, why they help, to be empowering. So, I will warn you upfront, I tend to talk a lot in class, to explain why we’re doing what we’re doing and what it may be changing in your body in that moment. Or what the pay off might be in the neurotransmitters released in response to the effort we make.

I do have an interest in esoteric thought, but it is not my specialism. I bring it in, some of the ideas that are out there, so you can consider them for yourself. But if you’re looking to work with aligning your chakras, awaken your Kundalini, or on ‘holes in’ your aura (I was once told I had a hole in mine, it must be still there as I never got around to fixing it) I am probably not the teacher for you.


When we meet online, I always always invite self-awareness and self care. My classes are kind and gentle, and always suitable for beginners. Listen to your own body as well as to my informed advice on how you can use props and make adjustments to make yourself comfortable. Always feel able to stop, to rest, to pause. Never do anything that hurts.

My classes are not yet suitable for pregnancy.

Having said all of that serious stuff, I promise my classes are welcoming and not scary. Not unless you come on Halloween. (I really love fancy dress.)

I teach always in mind of every body, and there is zero requirement for flexibility, lycra or the ability to do an handstand. I love to meet new people. Come as you are. The practise meets you there.

If you have any questions about classes why not send me an email?

‘I loved Sara’s class. She made me feel totally comfortable. Kind, caring, informative and completely open and friendly. Loved every moment. Thank you, Sara’

The affirmations were something I’d never done before but it was very positive, and I felt happier from within after chanting them. I find the classes very restorative – I always sleep so deeply the night after a class – and I can feel the difference the next day. I love Sara’s classes; the setting is calming (the plants, tiger and cherry blossom screen) and she has a very soothing voice. Highly recommend!”

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“I adore Sara-Jayne’s classes & her style of teaching. They are like a lovely snuggly blanket, safe, secure & oh so cosy. Sara-Jayne explains postures & breath-work beautifully, taking her time so you fully understand what you need to do. A glorious space to be in – just divine x”

“Sara-Jayne has an incredibly welcoming and warm manner in the way she delivers her teachings which leaves you feeling very safe and at ease. She also explains the postures and the breath and the effect and benefit of each, which for me is a vital part in the whole experience. Along with the classes, Sara-Jayne has a very refreshing way of communicating her teachings and reflections on Kundalini through her Instagram feed. With the use of amazing visual stories and thorough explanations you are left feeling inspired and empowered. Thankyou!!”

Current highlights

What do I teach?

I teach a new form of Kundalini Yoga called Kundalini Global. It is likely different to what you have come across if you have done anything called Kundalini Yoga before.

As a teacher I have a particular interest in and passion for the value of the many practises that come into yoga as tools in recovery from suffering.

It may be suffering from anxiety. From addiction. Or from the very many other ways we can find ourselves overwhelmed, stressed-out, constricted and/or bored of ourselves, our minds, our stories.

I am not an advocate of yoga as a ‘cure’ but I am living proof of how much it helps on the path to recovery.

I have my own tall dark history with anxiety disorders, self-harming behaviours and addiction and I believe that, whilst yoga is no magic pill, it truly can become an aspect of our lives that holds us in the present moment. Anchoring us to our bodies and allowing for a stillness that opens us up to creating long term change.

I believe that my own practise is what allows me to stay, at least most of the time, out of hell. And that sharing the practise with others is really cool.

I will not sell you a big promise of life-changing transformation. But I will sell you interesting, quirky classes that come from an open-minded, reasonably well educated, human who would like to be in service in some way. And I have a thing about sending people presents so my classes always come with some kind of gift.

I do all I can to keep what I offer low-cost and accessible in any way I can. If money is an obstacle for you and you’d like to try a class or two with me, drop me an email and you’ll always have a space. And if you join me and I get something wrong in the inclusivity or accessibility of what I offer please tell me! I want to learn. And am open to hearing your feedback, always.

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Trained in 2020 by the incredible Carolyn Cowan, Sara-Jayne is a kind, passionate, creative and radically inclusive yoga teacher based in Wolverhampton, UK.

She teaches strong classes very gently. This is her super power.

Sara-Jayne has undertaken trainings beyond a 220 Hour Yoga Alliance Level One Training, gaining further expertise in yoga for addiction and anxiety recovery and in breath practise which she believes is perhaps THE greatest tool we have in changing how we feel.

Beyond yoga, Sara-Jayne is a mother, marketer, maniac (in a good way) endlessly creative and someone who doesn’t ever stay still for very long, either in her body or in her mind (which is why yoga is so very important to her!)

She loves tigers. She loves brains. She also loves humans.

Sharing the power of posture and breath work in creating transformation is her biggest passion.

Do you have questions about classes or want to get in touch?

You can contact Sara-Jayne via email:


Sara-Jayne is based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, United Kingdom.

Many classes take place online but in person offers are coming ever more present so keep track with what will come next here on this site.

Sara-Jayne can travel to teach, and to facilitate workshops.

Sara-Jayne Kundalini: Fun, Dogma-Free, Very Human and Very Kind.