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Let’s be creative in community!

Each week in my email newsletter I am asking for input from readers on a project I have begun.

It may be that I ask for a single word. A sentence. A photograph. A doodle.

Inspired by the concept of the microcosm as a reflection of the macrocosm, I wanted to play with what the feelings, thoughts, moment, was for us as a community and create, each week, something from that to share with the wider world.

My intention is that at a point some months from now I will collate and print a zine that brings together all of the projects that have been created in this collaborative way into a special issue of my zine that I will offer to those on my email newsletter for free as a PDF or for the cost of posting in print.

I will add the projects here for public view each week too. If you would like to join in and are not signed up to my email newsletter, I have added a sign-up box at the bottom of this page.

Week Four

I asked you to tell me a secret or a strange fact about yourself.

Here is our collective box of secrets:

Week Three

I asked you to send me an image of something that you loved right now, excluding other humans in your life.

It’s fascinating, really, what I ended up with to cut out and amalgamate into one image.

Here is the final result:

Week Two

Week Two Final Creation:

Week One:

This whole project started with me asking those who read my email newsletter to send me 3 words that summed up how they felt that week. Four video-based variations on the outcome can be found below.

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