Dancing Star Zine: Issue Two


“There are no beautiful surfaces without a terrible depth” 

Dancing Star Issue 2 is here. An independently published zine including meditations, breath practises, yoga postures, comics, art and articles exploring concepts that, broadly speaking, you could consider to exist under the umbrella of ‘spirituality’ – whatever that means!

This issue is a thing of great beauty. 72 pages in a (wonderful smelling) perfect bound bundle.

See full description below for more.



Dancing Star Issue 2 is a publication born of a huge amount of reflection. 

Content includes:

Divine Decay. An article by Floria Lundon exploring our relationship to death.

“Forgiveness is not only essential, but very fucking difficult”… 

A Kind World. A comic by Hannah Joseph. 

“When we are not used to kindness, it can feel uncomfortable or even unsafe…”

Darkness From Enlightenment by Lisa Harrison.

Mul Mantra: 40 Day Journey by Sofia K.

Articles from me, including:

“I never wanted a guru”.


Death and Yoga.

For Whom Do I Stand?


Facing The Challenge of Tomorrow
For The Negative Mind
To Hold The Crown Chakra

Plus breath practises, an exploration of Kundalini posture (Frog Pose) and Mudra (Prayer Pose). . .

It’s absolutely packed full of information and I’m really very proud of this issue.

I hope you love it.

Each 72 page, perfect bound, copy comes with:

– 4 postcards
– A bookmark
– A handmade, unique, star that is named, for you, with a little name tag. This star may arrive as a badge or as an ornament. I made these myself and they’re cute but imperfect.

And I always add some other bits and pieces too.

The package will be wrapped in brown paper, tied up with string, and sent off to the postbox the next working day.

Please note: I have had to add postage costs to the UK due to increase in costs. I always work to keep cost as low as possible but because this issue is quite substantial it cannot be sent on a large letter stamp.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me an email.

I hope you love it as much as I do.

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