Dancing Star Zine: Issue One

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Issue One of a NEW bi-monthly zine from Sara-Jayne Kundalini. 


“I say unto you: one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. I say unto you: you still have chaos in yourselves.”


Combining my love of creating things and sharing my thoughts on my ongoing experiences with my own mind, with giving a platform to others who have interesting stories, ideas and insight to share, Dancing Star is a new offering to the Universe that I am really excited to share with you.


You can expect content including:
– meditations
– breaths
– interviews
– art
– articles that, broadly speaking, focus on brains and how incredible they are.


And, perhaps best of all, FREE STICKERS!


More information below.



Dancing Star is a zine with a focus on: brains, meditation, art, spirituality and ways of soothing our minds and bodies. 

Each issue is 60 pages long. All orders of Dancing Star come with 2 exclusive postcards, 3 vinyl stickers and an A5 print featuring the cover art for issue one on which I will write a personal message to you.

In this first issue I bring together an introduction to some of the core ideas I want to explore: brains, meditations, breath… with contributions from some incredible human beings I have met over the course of the last 12 months… 12 months where it felt, for the many, that Covid-19 took away our freedom. Where fear seemed to reign. For me, yes, that could be partly true, but more so it opened me up to a whole new experience of myself and of the universe. It brought opportunity. Learning. Change.

I trained to teach a new form of yoga, called Kundalini Global. I met hundreds of fascinating people over months-on-end of Zoom rooms. I radically transformed huge aspects of my life. I learnt more than I can begin to explain. I started a project with a monk in the Himalayas to protect cows from tiger attacks (more on that coming up in the next issue!) I connected to parts of myself that I did not know existed. And all from the comfort of home. It’s been a ride. And now here we are…

Dancing Star is a baby born from a year of silence, stillness and reflection. If you have any questions, email me: info@sarajaynekundalini.com.

4 thoughts on “Dancing Star Zine: Issue One

  1. 💫What a lovely zine to receive through the post. The colourful and artist content just adds extra zing ! It took me in deeper , to my yoga practice . Thank you Sara-Jayne 🙏

  2. A beautiful, soothing, enlightening zine full of inspiring and interesting articles. Gorgeous to look at and so vibrant both the content and colour brightened up my day. Also with a few things to practice mudras, poses and breaths, in your own time so you can concentrate and benefit from them fully which is a nice idea.
    Stickers and postcards are an added bonus too. Gorgeous quality and definitely something to keep and treasure. And one for all those bibliosmia addicts – it smells good too!

  3. So beautiful, interesting and uplifting. I loved reading Dancing Star and will be a regular subscriber. The Zine is visually stunning with Sara-Jayne’s colourful, mesmerising artwork and the words are wonderfully written with a fantastic group of contributing writers. Loved it.

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