NEW: Digital Magic: Learn My Unique, Simple Techniques To Create Your Own Magical Digital Collage and Animation


Over the last three years, with no training, or exceptional technical ability, I have come up with an easy, unique method of creating magical collage and digital animations to use on social media. They stand out. My audience love them. Yours will too. Join me.

You can use these methods to create artwork for your website, printed materials, social media or anywhere else you might like to use them.

My two favourite parts of this process are:

– it makes creating content to market yourself or your business fun and, if you choose to make it so, a mindful, delightful pastime
– no technical ability or training is required

Lots more information can be found below.

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Learn my unique method for creating digital collage and animation.

It is through this means that I have built up a successful website, social media presence, email list, and business.

It’s extremely hard to stand out on social media, and even harder to create artwork that you feel proud of in doing so. For me, that I can find huge joy in the creation of my posts, on top of standing out in a saturated market, has made my experience of running an online business pure magic.

I will help you to:

  • Learn to fall in love with Reels instead of fighting an imaginary algorithmic monster.
  • Express yourself in a way that gets people to stop scrolling and read, or listen. Both!
  • Boost your social media engagement.
  • Show the world what it is you have to share in a way that no-one can ignore.

Join me for a one-day workshop to learn to create your own Insta Magic!

All you need is a tablet or phone.

Please note: this workshop is only for tablet and phone.

We will be using apps designed for such devices, and not for desktop computers and laptops. Some skills are transferable, but it is intended that the process is designed so that it can be done anywhere, using nothing but your phone.

If you have Android devices, there are some limitations to the app’s functionality. This does not prevent participation, but requires using alternate methods. If you only use Android devices and would like to discuss this, please get in touch.


Saturday 26th August 2023, On Zoom. 10am – 4pm UK. A Digital Collage and Animation Workshop 

What do you get? 

A 5 hour workshop (plus lunch hour) live and recorded. 

10-11am: making digital collages.
11-11:30: making a unique animated gif to use in videos.
11:30-12 troubleshooting and questions.
12-1pm lunch break

1-2pm making an animated collage, basic.
2-3pm exploring more ambitious ideas.
3pm-4pm recap and troubleshooting

You will learn: 

  • How to make a beautiful and unique digital collage. We will walk through a step by step process. We will be creating yours, in real time, together. You will leave the workshop with collages that you can use right away.
  • How to find, store and use elements for future collage creations to streamline your process so that it only takes minutes.
  • How to create a simple stop-motion video collage.
  • How to create an animated gif element to use in a video. And then using it alongside collage.
  • How to create an animated collage.

There will be opportunities to ask questions throughout the process. 

To ensure the workshop allows the space necessary for this process, the group size is limited to 20 

You will receive a folder containing lots of collage elements to be used in the workshop – along with a list for you to get your own ready, if you’d like to.

You also get support beyond the workshop, where you can, optionally, join a WhatsApp group of participants that I will go into, initially daily, to answer questions, clarify and share expertise on techniques you’re working with and where you get to share the collage with the group.

You will leave the workshop with the knowledge and skill to make your own, uniquely creative, digital collage art and animation right away. 

No specific level of technical ability is needed.

All you need is a phone or tablet and some ideas of what you like – if you struggle with that part, I can help you.

Please see previous note on Android devices, which do have some limitations in comparison to Apple products, but you can still make amazing art and animation, only with a couple of processes altered and an additional app added in.

On booking, I will contact you with a few questions.

A week before the workshop I will be in touch with instructions on what you will need to install on your tablet or phone before the event and some short videos to watch before you join me live.  

Please note: to get the most from the experience, you will need to subscribe to two paid app services.

The cost of the first is £8.49 per month. 

The cost of the other is £7.99 per month. 

Both apps include a free trial, so if you wait until a day or two before the workshop to subscribe, you have the option to use the full range of services for free.

Simply remember to cancel your subscription afterwards.

The techniques I will teach you are not being widely used. I do not believe anyone is currently using the same process as me to create artwork that stands out. It is a technique that I have come up with over three years of trial and error, with no, zero, training or expertise and no expensive software or kit required, other than a phone.

If you have questions about this workshop email me:

5 thoughts on “NEW: Digital Magic: Learn My Unique, Simple Techniques To Create Your Own Magical Digital Collage and Animation

  1. Stumbled across you quite by accident tonight and totally inspired to make something better of my own posts.
    I’m an artist working with animals all content really vibrant and quirky but want to get the message across also about the importance of compassion and kindness to animals.
    Think you can help me loads as my imagery is hopefully easy to adapt to this method.
    Think I’d like to book if you still have a space left

  2. Hi Sara,

    I wonder when your next collage workshop is? The digital art you create is beautiful.
    Greetings from Mallorca,

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