Recordings and Affirmation Cards: Express Yourself: A Series of 5 Kundalini Global Classes


5 Pre-Recorded Kundalini Global classes exploring self-expression and communication. With 5 affirmation cards in the post.

Pre Recorded classes available immediately, plus 5 affirmation cards and a small gift in the post.

Suitable for all levels of experience.

Working with breath, stretching and intention to explore finding our voice, expressing ourselves with integrity, communicating consciously and when it is time not, perhaps, to speak but to choose to listen. Words that will come in are clarity, discernment and fearlessness. 

We will work with pranayama practises that focus on the throat, we will work through series that allow for us to hold potent intention for us in moving through this series of classes that will allow for you to open up an exploration of where your story, what has happened in your life to now, may be tripping you up in your ability to express yourself, speak up for yourself, and communicate consciously in relationship with the other. 

All classes are available on Vimeo via a private link. You will gain access immediately. More information below.


A new series of classes on a new theme: self-expression and communication.

Pre Recorded classes available immediately, plus 5 affirmation cards and a small gift in the post.

The 5 cards match the intentions we will work with through the 5 classes so take a look at the image gallery to get an idea of what we will play with.

Communication is a fascinating topic.

How do you most often feel when you exit a conversation? I assume that the first thought that springs to mind will be ‘it depends who I’ve been taking to’. Of course. And what about, too. But if you really pay attention, you may notice that interesting things happen to the body and mind after every communication with the other. 

It was not all that long ago that I woke up to a startling realisation that I left most, if not all, conversations and interactions with more contraction in my body and mind than before the conversation began. Interacting with other humans was leaving me feeling left out, stressed out, tense and overthinking. 

There are many reasons for this. And any ‘solution’, too, is nuanced. But it is something I have made huge strides in transforming. And I have planned this series of classes to work with others on this aspect of our internal and external relationships that is extremely powerful in the transformation it can being when we become aware of how much agency we have in it. 

What I teach: breath practise, stretching… simple ways to soften and release feelings of constriction, overwhelm, tension, stress and to come to the present moment… they are all tools in working with consciously communicating. The more we notice when we are contracted and choose to soften the more the softening becomes second nature. Or the less we become contracted to begin with! When we are present, the ability to communicate mindfully is far more likely. 

I am much more aware now, in how I use my voice, how I hold my face… noticing when it needs to soften… and in noticing the contractions in response to others and allowing that to soften too. 

It is pretty great, to leave conversations feeling heard, or that you have truly listened. Perhaps both! Who knew? A joy, in contrast to continually concealing and protecting what you think and feel, second guessing what you ‘should’ say or being so hyper aware of yourself that you haven’t listened to a thing. 

We have lots we can explore together in this series. The 5 cards I have designed for you are my favourite yet and all classes are recorded for you to watch back. 

5 Kundalini Global classes exploring self-expression and communication. 

My classes are not suitable for pregnancy, but they are suitable for all levels of experience. If you’re new to yoga or to Kundalini, this will be a wonderful introduction to the practise.

If you have any questions please do email me: 

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