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A free zine from me to you. 

10 Tools for Neural Plasticity. 

“This is The Great Power of The Brain… It’s Plastic” 

That’s a quote from a book called Neurocomic. A pretty great book to get hold of if you want an easily absorbable overview of the basics of neuroscience. At one point the protagonist takes a walk through a forest of neurons, learning about neuroplasticity:

“This is the great power of the brain, it’s plastic!”

“Once you learn something it is not set in stone, it’s continuously shaped by experience.”

We may believe all kinds of things about how our brains and minds are… that they’re set in their ways. That we are destined to always be … always be anxious, always be a people pleaser, always be angry as hell. Sometimes, perhaps particularly if we have a tricky history, we can worry about the role genes play in how our brains are wired. But genes are not an entirely determining factor in the fate of how we think and how we experience the world.

All humans have an ability to shape their brains. What we do, our lifestyles and pass-times, are as important as where, or who, we come from. Likely more.

In the pages of this mini-zine you will find 10 of the practises that I use to help me ‘change my mind’. They are each practises that work to take the body and mind out of anxious/stressed/overwhelmed states of being to something else… the ‘something else’ can be framed in all kinds of ways. For me, it is not about bliss. It is about the improved bearability of the chaos. It is about the wonder, the power, of NOW.

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