Class Recordings Only: A Series of 5 Kundalini Global Yoga Classes. Be Gentle. Be Kind. Be Soft. Be Still.


6, 75 Minute, Kundalini Global Yoga Classes that focuses on becoming kind, gentle, soft and still. Recordings Only.

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Access 6 Recordings of Kundalini Global classes focusing on coming to a kind, gentle, soft, stillness. This series of 5, 75 minute, classes with a focus on calming the mind using gentle posture, breath and, as always, the very magical practise of Intention.

All 6 classes focus on the words gentle, kind, soft and still. Sometimes we will put in effort to get there, yes, but that is part of the fun.

Suitable, as all classes are, for beginners and seasoned yogis alike.

Sadly, none of my classes are suitable for pregnancy.

The videos are available right away on a private Vimeo showcase.

If you have any questions about  the classes please send me an email.

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