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You  can access recordings of classes right away.

All bookings come with 5 affirmation cards sent in the post and an anatomy themed surprise gift or 3.

These 5 classes look at 5 separate parts of the human body.

Very many of us, consciously or (more likely) unconsciously, have been conditioned to exist as if we are a series of parts rather than one, very wonderful, complex, and magical, entity who, when landed into the body (in ‘one part,’ so to speak) is capable of experiencing our lives completely differently.

More details below. Let me know if you have any questions. You can email me:


5, Pre-Recorded. Kundalini Global, yoga classes that explore:

Week One: The Tongue
Week Two: The Shoulders
Week Three: The Stomach
Week Four: The Eyes
Week Five: The Sacrum.

Our bodies are incredible. Every body is incredible. Beautiful. Fascinating.

You may think, with the title of these classes being ‘Harmony’ that to explore the body in ‘parts’ is counterintuitive. But. But. When we begin to work on, explore, find understanding about, specific aspects of our physiology, and when we play with them relative to their role in taking us out of anxious, tight, stressed-out, states of being, it is as if, part by part, we pull ourselves back together.

This is a jigsaw puzzle I have been working on for myself over the past years. I do now feel that I am IN my body. After years spent lost entirely in my mind. The echoes of this continue in how I experience my ‘parts’ but the overall harmony within my body, and between my body and mind, continues to blossom.

I am fascinated by the physiology, and I am fascinated by the esoteric thought that comes often into yoga. In these classes the two will be explored in tandem.

Each class has an affirmation, which will be delivered to you in a printed card form. During class we will begin with an opening talk, for 5-10 minutes, and then move onto breath practises, a warm up, and a yoga series or sequence of pose/postures, that work with the specific aspect of human physiology that we are exploring that week.

If you’re new to me, my classes are suitable for all bodies, levels of experience, and my classes are kind… sadly, though, for the time being my classes are not suitable for pregnancy.

The pre-recorded classes are sent to you on booking as a private Vimeo showcase.

Your cards (and other gifts, including lollipops – yay!) will be posted out to you within 2 days of booking.

Any questions, comments… email me! I love to hear from humans, always. 

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