I Am Creative: A New One Day Workshop, Saturday 29th January, 2022


Online: Via Zoom

A New Workshop, Bringing Together Yoga, Breathwork, Affirmation and Creativity in a One-Day Journey To A State of Flow

With Sara-Jayne Edwards and Jennifer Baugh a.k.a. @sarajaynekundalini and @tillybeanloves

Booking includes a ‘Creativity Pack’ to use on the day. Art supplies, affirmation cards, candles, incense and all you need to make a beautiful keepsake to remember your experience by.

Full details below.

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Are you curious about what it would be like to access a state of creative flow, at will?

Do you feel as if you are never quite sure what holds you back from an ability to express your feelings, emotions, ideas and thoughts in the way you imagine you should or could be capable of?

Would you like to learn practical techniques for reaching a state of flow?

Where a sense of time disappears, where you are completely free of the past and the future, connected to something larger… doing, creating, for its own sake?

If so, this could be the workshop for you.


A brief overview of what to expect:

10:00am – 12:30pm: Yoga/Breathwork/Affirmation Workshop with Sara-Jayne Edwards


– What holds us back from reaching our creative potential and how to make change.

– Working with stretching and breath to take oneself to an altered state of being.
– Affirmations for creativity and how to use them. 

12:30pm – 14:00pm Lunch break

14:00pm – 16:00pm: Creativity Workshop with Jennifer Baugh


– Mark Making.
– Refinement.
– The Creation of a Keepsake For You To Hold as A Reminder of The Day and Where You Can Take Yourself…

Practical Techniques – Creative Community – The Creation of A Final Project

An Opportunity to Put The Practice To The Test as We Spend Time Making Something Beautiful Together To End The Day

Be In A State of Flow, And Put It To Magical Use

The benefits of being ‘in the zone’ creatively, or in a ‘flow state’ go beyond the experience itself. Using gentle, easy-to-remember, exercises inspired by yoga and mindfulness, we will explore how any one of us can move toward feeling creatively ‘switched on’ at any time we choose.

Flow is associated not only with being creative and the outcome of that in terms of creative output but also with an overall sense of wellbeing, satisfaction with life and a general sense of happiness.

At times, being in a flow state can allow a sense of ecstasy, of clarity. For many of us, to know exactly what you want to do from one moment to the other is an unfamiliar experience and a very welcome one.

In this space, with this experience of the self, you know that what you need or want to do is possible, even if it feels difficult. You will forget yourself and feel connected.

And once the conditions are present, when we get to that place, not only can we create incredible art, or write something beautiful, or be full of creative ideas, but we experience physiological changes, too.

Deepened breathing, reduced heart rates . . . Studies show that in a state of flow, even our facial muscles that enable us to smile are active and softened.

After a morning spent exploring getting to this place, we will continue in the afternoon with the wonderful Jennifer, who will guide us all through exercises to channel the creativity we have unlocked into the creation of something beautiful.

A Gift In The Post:

Your creativity pack, posted out to you in January (more photos coming soon), will include:

For The Morning Yoga And Breathwork:

– 5 x affirmation cards designed by Sara, with a design from Jen on the back of each.
– a notebook
– Solar Plexus incense and a hand-painted holder
– 3 x 100% pure beeswax taper candles for prayer and ritual
– a glass tea light holder and decorative sand to hold the candles in place

For The Creativity Workshop:

– a tube of black acrylic paint
– a paintbrush
– a pencil
– a rubber
– 10-15 sheets of practise paper
– some high quality art/watercolour paper for your designs

Participants will be asked to have fun finding some creative ideas for mark making exercises, such as an old toothbrush, scraps of card, bubble wrap, pen lids, drinking straw, cocktail sticks, things in your recycling pile …

Full instructions will be sent out with your creativity pack in January.

This workshop, which will run from 10:00am – 16:00pm will be uplifting, gentle, friendly, kind, transformational and, we hope, extremely fun.

The morning will include:

LectureSara-Jayne will open with an introduction to what holds us back. The physiological aspects of moving toward a state of flow. How she unlocks her own creativity using the techniques we will play with through the day…

BreathWe will move on to work with some breath practises that take us to altered states of being by changing hormonal flow within the body.

Affirmation meditation – We will play with affirmation from this place and explore why it helps.

Prayer We will write our own prayer to hold onto as we explore a yoga series to close the morning.

Yoga Series – Moving into lunch we will work through a yoga series to activate ourselves creatively ahead of our artistic afternoon.

The afternoon, led by Jennifer, will include:

Mark making – a few exercises to loosen up, experiment and really explore as many different ways of making marks as possible by thinking outside the box.

Development – how to select and refine the most successful techniques.

Creating – a collage using everything that has been created so far.

A keepsake – using the techniques learned to create a beautiful keepsake.

About Sara:

Sara-Jayne has always been creative, but yoga has taken that creativity to new levels. Sara’s career has been in publishing where her creativity has largely been funnelled into written words and problem solving, but now, transformed by yoga, she has found all kinds of new ways to express herself.

To unlock this creative potential in others has become something of a mission.

About Jen:

Website: https://tillybeanloves.com

Jen has been creating hand-illustrated prints, greetings cards and all sorts of other lovely things for several years having previously worked as both a freelance designer and as part of the in-house design team for Emma Bridgewater.

Named after her daughter, her business, Tilly Bean Loves is indeed about love, but it’s also about positivity and self-belief, mixed with a splash of colour and a gorgeous font.

Let’s get creative!

If you have any questions about the workshop, which will be delivered via Zoom (Sara-Jayne will be joining Jen, live, in her afternoon session too) then don’t hesitate to get in touch:


“Together we are a force of creative joy and we would love for you to join us for the first manifestation of I Am: Creative. A new venture that hopes to open you up to how very magical you are.”

– With love from Sara and Jen. xxx

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