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5 Pre-Recorded Kundalini Global yoga classes. 5 affirmation cards designed by me. And a surprise gift for everyone who signs up (eye-themed and hand made!)

Do you believe yourself to be intuitive?

I did, and for a long time. I thought I was extraordinary intuitive.
It turned out, after a lot of work, a lot of reflection, and through the process of putting down a whole lot of behaviours that I had in place, unconsciously, to keep me feeling safe that what I was…

…It wasn’t intuitive at all. I was actually traumatised, hyper-vigalent, untrusting, and extremely anxious.

Perhaps you’re curious about how the two things could get so muddled? Perhaps you, too, feel you are incredibly intuitive and wonder what to do with it. Perhaps intuition alludes you entirely…

These are all ideas central to this series of Kundalini Global classes that are available to access on a private Vimeo showcase.

As with all of my series of classes, booking comes with affirmation cards in the post, no matter where you are in the world.

More details below, including a class by class guide to the classes.

Any questions do email me:

Affirmation cards will be sent out within 2 days of booking.


A pre-recorded series of 5, 75 Minute, Kundalini Global classes exploring Intuition through the lens of the stress system, trust, and what to be aware of when you feel that you are extraordinarily intuitive.

Working with breath, with stretching and posture, and with affirmation… each Kundalini Global class also works with an intention, and each week we will delve into and explore a new aspect of this fascinating notion: I AM INTUITIVE.

These classes were recorded live and are now available to access on a private Vimeo showcase.

Here’s what to expect in each:

Week 1: I Am Present. 

To be present is not an easy thing, not in the world we live in. In our first class we will look at ways to come to presence to allow for our ‘Intuition’ to come from a place that is not bound by what has happened to us and what we fear may come next… 

Week 2: I Trust My Feelings. 

From a place of presence our feelings and emotions will be more bearable. And, we may just find, something we are better able to trust to guide our actions going forward. 

Week 3: I Trust My Body. 

Our body and mind are in continual communication. I hear, so often, that practises I teach, that bring us to presence, lead to a growing awareness of the body’s needs.

Often, when we move from anxious, stressed out, hyper-vigilant states of being, we may, for example, find that we’re actually utterly exhausted. That we could sleep for a year.

The energy we’ve been fuelled by was so tied to excess stress hormones. When we work regularly to change the hormonal flow, to release hormones that counteract the excess adrenaline, cortisol…..  our bodies will have rather a lot to say to us. The theme of week 3 is to begin listening, from that place… 

Week 4: I Invite Guidance and Clarity. 

I am not, in any way, in this series, suggesting that we do not, as humans, have some inherent intuitive ability… 

On week 4 we will explore how we can tap into our ability to know we know, to guide ourselves forward toward leveraging feelings and experience when making decisions for ourselves.

Intuition doesn’t have to be exclusively reserved for the spiritual, self-help and wellness world. There’s actually a neurological basis for it. And this is what I want to explore… 

Week 5: My Future Is Full of Possibilities. 

In the final class we will be looking forward. I am keen to explore the concept of becoming an ‘Intuitive Innovator’. 

Those who can, in a present way, work with intuition tend to be more mindful in their lives, to experience empathy more accurately (and not excessively), they are able to tune into nuances like body language more closely, and from their consciously communicate with others. To be an intuitive innovator opens up all kinds of possibility for us, from our professional to personal lives. But, most of all, in relationship with ourselves.  

Any questions? Get in touch. 

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