Recordings and Affirmation Cards: Open Your Heart: A Series of 5 Kundalini Global Classes


5 Kundalini Global yoga classes working with breath, stretching and intention to explore the heart: compassion, empathy, love, forgiveness and boundaries.

Classes come with a gift in the post: 5 Affirmation Cards to align with the 5 classes and a small gift.

We will play with what it means to open the heart, including having the courage to be disliked.


5 Pre-Recorded, 75 Minute, Kundalini Global Yoga classes exploring the heart. Available immediately on a private Vimeo showcase.

The heart is beautiful. Having a penchant for admiring the form of human organs, I do, personally, mean that literally. But figuratively too. Whether spoken of or experienced as the seat of the soul, or the home of emotion… indeed, perhaps even as elemental to the entire concept of what it means to be human… symbolically, the heart is important to us all.

Having an open heart does not mean having to like and love everybody you encounter, nor does it mean having everyone like or love you. I think it’s important that this comes in to our series, so we will not only explore ‘opening the heart’ but also concepts such as having the courage to be disliked and holding good boundaries.

Concepts such as being ‘open-hearted’ having a ‘change of heart,’ letting the heart rule the head, or when we wish to get to the ‘heart of the matter’ are familiar to us all. Connecting to the heart as something energetic rather than physical appears largely to transcend belief systems and cultures.

The heart chakra is pretty special because it is the fourth, which makes it the bridge between what we may describe as the ‘physical’ and ‘spiritual’ chakras, the upper and lower triangle.

The Sanskrit name for the 4th chakra is Anahata which translates to something close to unhurt or unbeaten. A concept that my experience tells me can be extremely potent to those who come to yoga as a result of past experiences of themselves and the world that (are unlikely to have been easy but) allowed the possibility to creep in that ‘there must be more…’

And there is. Let’s explore that together.

Please note, my classes are not suitable for pregnancy or in the first 3 months post-natal.

When practising online, I always always invite self-awareness and self care. My classes are kind and gentle, and always suitable for beginners. Listen to your own body. Always feel able to stop, to rest, to pause. Never do anything that hurts.

Having said all of that serious stuff, I promise my classes are very lovely and super fun, I teach always in mind of every body, and there is zero requirement for flexibility, lycra or the ability to do an handstand. I always love to meet new people. Come as you are. The practise meets you there.

If you have any questions about classes why not send me and email?

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