In this pre-recorded, 75 minute class, we work through a Kundalini Global yoga series called Sacrifice.

It includes a little breathwork, which works extremely quickly to soothe the body and mind, some stretching to warm up, and then the working through an 8-or-so-posture yoga series of curious practices we will hold, or repeat, for usually 3 minutes each.

We have delicious little rests between each.

If you haven’t done Kundalini before it can be a little different to other styles of yoga but it’s fun. It’s kind. It is great, pre-bed, for sleep. It’s great for rage. For anxiety. For stress. It will set you up for an easier transition over the hump of your week…

On purchase, you will be emailed the link to watch and, if you choose to, download the video.


For this class you may find a flat foam block or folded blanket and a cushion or bolster, helpful.

This class is not suitable for pregnancy.

Why sacrifice?

The intention for the class is to consider a place we’d like to make a change in our lives and to consider the sacrifice we may need to make to get there.

The names of series help frame the intention for a class. Which series we do… that’s so fun…always an interesting thing to choose.

When I pick us out a series for class, I think about what I have heard from the mouths of others that week. What we’re all experiencing in our lives. What we are struggling with. What we are enjoying, desiring… needing. I throw my own life into the mixing pot, of course. Not only in what chaos has erupted that week in my utterly mad life, but also in what I’ve chosen to read.

Despite the religious overtones inherent in the concept of sacrificial offerings, sacrificial themes remain a core part of the stories we use to make sense of our lives. In shaping community, performing rituals and in our search for identity, we play out the three main characteristics of traditional sacrifice.

We all have sacrificial awareness. The familiarity of the tale of Harry Potter’s mother, Belle surrendering her freedom for that of her eccentric father in Beauty and the Beast, or the sacrificial friendships of Charlotte’s web… all great story telling contains a healthy dose of sacrifice.

Just as the writer, themselves, has no doubt made their own sacrifice in the commitment inherent in making the story come alive.

To do a 75 minute yoga class… even that may require a small, but felt, sacrifice. Perhaps you have to eat a little later. Or miss Eastenders… we make these tiny sacrifices in via micro internal dialogues with ourselves… and we do this many, many times each day.

The classes available to purchase in the section of my website are recordings from my regular, live, Tuesday evening, class on Zoom.

Joining classes live is fun. Why not give it a try?

If you have any questions about the class, don’t hesitate to contact me:

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