Recordings and Affirmation Cards: Set Your Life on Fire: A Series of 5 Kundalini Global Classes


Pre-Recorded 5 Kundalini Global yoga classes, working with breath, posture, affirmation and the quantum field to connect to how powerful we truly are.

Classes come with a gift in the post.

You will receive the link to begin classes right away. No pressure though,  you can do them in your own time. 

We will play with fire.  Our inner fire. Learn to burn bright. We will work strength,  creativity, willpower, purpose, and our powers of manifestation.

Purchasing these 5 recordings come with 5 exclusive affirmation cards that have artwork on one side and, on the reverse, some words from me on the intention of each of the 5 classes. Also five mini gifts from me to you… 

More information below.


Burn Bright With 5 Kundalini Global Yoga Classes That Focus On Our Incredible, Creative, Manifesting, Fire Energy

These classes were recorded live and are now available to purchase and access on a private Vimeo Showcase. You will get the link for that as soon as you place an order.

In this series of classes we do put in effort but we also have lots of fun.


  • 5 Recordings Available Via Vimeo
  • A Set of 5 Affirmation/Intention Cards in the Post to You.* And some lovely additional gifts 

If the chakras were a colourful village in which you could move freely, I am certain that the village doctor would prescribe me plenty of time grounding myself in the earthly, homely safety of the root chakra cottage. I also imagine that my trips to the sacral chakra castle with its spectacular secret dungeon would be regular.

Of course I would walk up the green hill to the heart hotel… and beyond, too.

But I would choose to set up home in the solar plexus.

It would be a magical house shaped and painted like a flame and inside would be a mystical kingdom of creativity and endless possibility.

I imagine it like Fun House, but the ball pools are full of acrylic marker pens, giant sequins and all kinds of other very fun things. It’s a place where you are totally free to express yourself, set ambitious goals and put some fire under achieving them. Where you can play with the quantum field, with all of your inherent power on show. Radiating out of you like fiery sunbeams.

Sounds amazing! Until the day you wake up feeling powerless, self-critical and uninspired. Sound familiar?

Surrounded by, what now appears as, loud chaos. When every giant sequin in the ball pool would feel sharp and irritating and all of the pens have dried out because you’ve lost the lids.

I find working on my navel energy a critical part of my self care. In holding myself in my reality whilst maintaining both the strength and creativity I need for that reality to be one I can feel safe, content and, most of all, feel like me, in.  Let’s play with this powerful energy together over 5 Tuesdays beginning in September.

The third chakra is also said to relate to levels of motivation, willpower, and purpose. The affirmation I hear 👂🏻inside when I am working on the navel is often ‘’I can.”

And I really can. And you can too.

Manifest manifest manifest.

Join me for these classes and you’ll be amazed how liberating it is to feel that sense of self, that projection, shift and grow.

* Your cards will be posted out within 48 hours. Each card is double sided. And you get other gifts too. See images for details.

Classes will stay up for you long term. If I ever need to take them down I will let you know and make them available for download.

Please note, these classes are not suitable for pregnancy.

If you have any questions please email me.

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