Speak For Yourself (And Listen Too…)


In this pre-recorded, 75 minute class, we work through a Kundalini Global yoga series called  Speak For Yourself. The intention for the class is exploring the benefit of presence in not only self expression but, further, in conscious communication and the skill of listening to the other.

On purchase, you will be emailed the link to watch and, if you choose to, download the video.


For this class you may find a flat foam block or folded blanket and a cushion or bolster, helpful.

This class is not suitable for pregnancy.

“Stop talking to people who aren’t listening to you…” was the premise from which the concept for this class was born. We can feel isolated, relative to our inner landscape, when we have ideas, thoughts, feelings and reflections that we would like to share and, on attempting to do so, feel they are not heard or that we are not seen.

When the person you are talking to has their own story, projections, ideas… (and they likely will) and is approaching the interaction from a place that is not present, but framed by the pain of their own past and their own fears of what is to come, it is highly likely that you will be heard. The exchange will be unlikely to gift you with the comfort, solace, or connection you were hoping for. Why do we keep doing this? It’s not a judgement but an interesting idea to consider. We set ourselves up to feel lost and rejected. It is that thing… repeating the same process and expecting a different result. To feel seen, our connection to the other must be one that is not bound by the negative stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and the about the other, the world…

It is a practice in presence to be aware of this. To notice. It is not about blowing up at the other person, being judgemental and rejecting, but about being aware of the dynamics at play.

Notice, in conversation with the other, where you contract, tighten… where your own thinking becomes short and fast. If you can begin, over time, to notice this, you may open up to the possibility of soothing yourself and, from there, listening to the other. Listening to their projections and their stress and overwhelm, observing, potentially, their need to ‘win’ the game of conversation. If we can come to a place of not feeling any necessity to react to it, communication and self expression changes.

For you, for yourself, you can consider why you keep going to people, into interactions, that don’t serve you… where you do not feel seen… and why you allow for the value of all you have to say to be diminished to zero.

Believe in the value of your ideas that are born from presence. Share them where it is safe enough to, find the people who can hear you. Listen to the others. You will learn a lot.

(A tip: therapy is a good place, at the start, to practice all of this).

We cannot, in one yoga class, change everything about how we speak up for ourselves and communicate with those around us. But we can hold the intention to create our own change in these realms. As with all Kundalini Global practices… it all begins with presence.

The classes available to purchase in the section of my website are recordings from my regular, live, Tuesday evening, class on Zoom.

Joining classes live is fun. Why not give it a try?

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