The 4 U Kriya, 5.5 Breaths per Minute and Psoas Release


In this pre-recorded, 75 minute class, we work with the 4 U Kriya, which is said to help make the nervous system robust in dealing with life’s challenges.

Because this series works strongly on the deep core muscles including the Psoas, we do some work to relax and lengthen the Psoas, and relax the abdominal region, before we move onto the sequence. We work throughout with a 5.5 breaths per minute rate of breathing.

On purchase, you will be emailed the link to watch and, if you choose to, download the video.


The autonomic nervous system is not, entirely, always, automatic.

We can take action to move from the more activated sympathetic system, into the softer parasympathetic.

Yoga, all yoga, releases stress and therefore, what we may call, unnecessary sympathetic activity. The 4 U Kriya is about training the nervous system to withstand pressure.

In essence, this is by choosing to create and hold a huge amount of tension and allowing the softening that comes as hormonal flow changes, and muscles relax, as postures end.

In this class we use long deep breathing. We practice at a pace of 5.5 breaths per minute. This is to support our system to feel able to cope and hold the postures and to encourage the parasympathetic response in the pauses between all we do.

For class you may wish to have a flat, foam, block or a firm cushion. You will need a yoga mat and whatever will make you comfortable for your relaxation.

The classes available to purchase in the section of my website are recordings from my regular, live, Tuesday evening, class on Zoom.

Joining classes live is fun. Why not give it a try?

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