Writing Wonder: A Creative Workshop With Magic in Mind



This is a writing workshop for nervous creators who want success.

10:00 – 13:00 BST, Sunday 27th August 2023, Online on Zoom.

We will focus on thinking differently about writing for social media, but the method can be applied to all parts of your creative and professional life.

Writing Wonder will support you in overcoming resistance to marketing and expand the possibilities of what you can achieve in your business.



This is a process that involves risk. If you are brave enough to take one, you can expect to find that you already have a huge number of interesting things to write about that will enchant your ideal clients.

The value of writing is enormously underrated. 

I will guide you through exercises that use writing as a means to find your voice, express ideas and think. 

You will practice writing things that you’re afraid to say out loud. We’ll play with flipping your existing narrative, finding stories to tell that no-one’s ever heard before. 

Being boring doesn’t work very well online, but divulging information about ourselves and our private lives as a means to connect with clients isn’t always comfortable.   We fear oversharing and fret about who is reading our stuff before it’s even written. 

There is magic here, in a space between. 

This is not about training you to be a good writer, but about being a clearer and more expansive thinker who will take risks. 

I have worked in marketing for 20 years. My expertise lies in specialist information publishing, online marketing and writing to sell. I do not write adverts. I tell stories. 

I draw out these stories out of reticent business owners, writers, or creatives who believe the best way to sell is with bullet points and jargon-filled marketing speak when the real gold is always hidden away in intimate conversations with friends and notes on scraps of paper that litter the path behind them. 

It is through stories that we all make sense of the world. If you want to connect with potential clients it’s time to tell some of yours. 

A writing practice has far-reaching benefits 

My yoga teaching benefits from writing, as a method for expanding my ideas and in challenging my opinions.  Writing makes me a more confident teacher who is clearer in what I want to share and able to express my ideas in my own words.

Reading recommendations and a book group: 

You have to read to write effectively. 

Read to write better.
Write to think better.
Think to teach better. Be better. Thrive.

During and after the workshop I will share an extensive reading list that can support you in your creative projects. 

All participants in the workshop will also be invited to a book group, to meet monthly, after the workshop. 

These online sessions will serve as an opportunity to discuss one of the books from the recommended list, and find ways of playing with ideas born of the reading in writing exercises for our individual business endeavours. 

Are willing to express unique ideas and genuine opinions? 

There is so little risk in the majority of marketing on social media, so little that goes beyond endlessly repeating bland information and hoping someone cares. Poor social media engagement, from there, gets used as an excuse to do nothing. 

During this workshop we will do exercises that will uncover interesting things about yourself that you are comfortable to share. We will play with unusual and creative ways of expressing those things, knowing what their edges are, but being willing to be a human being, not a robot, in what we put out.

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