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I am starting a monthly book club. I would love for you to join me.

I am in the process of choosing 6 books, books that I am aiming to be of the sort that will engage but not deplete our minds.

Please note: books will not be about yoga.

We will come together to discuss what the book brought up for us… be that a new exploration of language, or the emotional landscape the book drew us into.

The first meet up (all of which will be online) will be Thursday 28th April. The books on the list will go out in an email to those interested in joining within the next week.

My aim is to select books that don’t end up as just another item on your growing to-do list. They will not all be fiction, or prose, or any one genre. They will each be entirely different. And I am aiming for them to be short.

This book club is about not only the content of the books, but the mindful practise of reading. Those of us who sign up will play with the noticing of turning the pages, the way that the book feels in our hands, or resting on our chest as we take a moment to pause between chapters to reflect on what we’ve read.

The invitation will be to look at an individual, unfamiliar word within each text and explore it… its etymology, ways it can be used… dropping it into our speech over the month.

I am a big fan of making a mark on books, underlining parts I find interesting, folding over pages, sticking in notes… you do not have to do, or be, the same.

We will work on noticing as we read when our thoughts begin to wander off. And on inciting them back to the page, whilst remembering that to read does not have to be an exercise in seeking perfection…

And we will build a community of those who want to go on an exploration of falling in love with the written word/deepening or transforming a love that is already there.

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