Six Foot Skeleton Taxi Adventures, Watermelon Brains and The Courage To Be Disliked: What I Have Been Up To This Week

Hello lovely humans

Before we get to classes and books and introspection I know many of you are absolutely desperate to know what I ended up dressing up as for Halloween. And I do worry that you may be disappointed in me. You see, after much reflection I had a truly epic idea. However, the idea came just a little too late and so the crucial elements of my Halloween persona did not all arrive in time for me to adeuately craft my disguise. I will not reveal the intended costume as I will gift you with it when I CAN dress myself up in a new and hilarious way via the medium of photos or, perhaps, even a somewhat quirky class. But I did improvise. In fact, I changed my persona many times during the day. I love dressing up SO much. It’s one of the ultimate ways to play.

My inner child. My true self. And my much appreciated and abundant spirit animal.

I had an absolutely wonderful weekend this weekend. Amongst other things, I bought myself a new 6 foot skeleton that I walked 3 miles with through a grey rainy day in Wolverhampton city centre before finally giving in and taking them in a black cab home during which I had a very fascinating conversation with the taxi driver about, amongst other things, rainbows, divisive politics and the existence of god.

I carved a brain out of a watermelon and I introduced my children to the glory of the first Addams family film. I painted, I wrote. I find having a creative outlet right now is absolutely crucial to my wellbeing and am exploring ways I may bring my creativity that exists outside of yoga to future classes and workshops. I feel this could be something special, so many ask me about, for example, how I create my Instagram posts, and I am looking at ways of sharing my approach to creativity alongside my yoga offerings. Is that something you’d be interested in? Do let me know.

New Class Times This Week: Try a Class For Free

How are you all doing? Such uncertain times I truly hope that your reality right now is, if not wonderful then certainly bearable. That you feel safe. Safety. It’s an interesting thing. To begin to notice when you feel safe is something that can be of huge value in playing a part in your own change – in realising your own power and agency. When you know when you feel safe it can open you up to exploring new ways of opening up that safe space. The heart and soul of my teaching, my classes, is my desire to create spaces that allow everyone to feel safe enough to explore how breath and posture, when imbued with intention, can allow an experience of the self that can be very different from what we’ve become used to.

I start my new timetable this week, and all who are on my mailing list have been sent, or will be sent, a code for joining an online class for free. If you’re not signed up to my mailing list yet you can do that here:

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Kundalini Global Classes Allow You To, Very Quickly ‘Hop’ From The ‘Stress System’ in to The Other Side of Your Nervous System That Allows You Enough Safety To Explore Change. Our Opening Stretch Is Like ‘Jumping’ From One ‘Side’ To The Other. I Am Writing a Post Specifically About This Right Now. It’s Very Magical.

My timetable will be evolving over coming months and I hope to see lots of you coming along to try a class (and coming back to class) as we support each other in moving through the winter ahead. You can see details of my classes here or by clicking the image below.

My booking system is brand new, and the only issue I have encountered so far is that some have been confused by the need to select not only the date, but also the time of the class that you would like to attend (even if only one class is available that day!) and I am working on that. If you do encounter any problems booking do let me know. And remember to join my mailing list if you’d like the code for a free online class.

New Class Times Kundalini Global

Become your best and truest self with The Courage to Be Disliked

OK, not saying it takes me a long time to ‘grasp’ things, but I am currently reading The Courage to Be Disliked for the third time. Last night I had insomnia. Badly. Really badly. I utilised ALL of my tools. I stretched. I did a breath. I did another. I managed, somewhat, to soothe my mind. And yet I still could not sleep. The energy of this last week has been heavy. Really heavy. And I believe I was just unable to let go in to the subconscious, knowing on some level that there was SO MUCH to process that I didn’t feel ready.

In the end I read. I read most of the book, in fact, and after that I slept. Soundly. Blissfully.

‘All you can do with regard to your own life is choose the best path that you believe in. On the other hand, what kind of judgement do people pass on that choice? That is the task of other people, and is not a matter you can do anything about.’

This quote is a wonderful introduction to the book’s core message. It’s about returning the focus to only what you can affect, and living your own life a moment at a time. In the present moment. It is a powerful read and I would whole heartedly recommend that you read it as many times as you need to.

I have a lot on my todo list this week. But I am feeling empowered. I am feeling safe enough. I do hope you are too. But, if not, that’s ok. I would love to show you some of the tools I use to hold me in this time. If you’re curious about classes but holding back for any reason do get in touch. In the meantime I hope you have a glorious week and sending each and every one of you love.


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