Swamp Creatures, Hector the Heron and the Romance of Sweeping Chimneys: What I Have Been Up To This Week

Hello fellow humans

Time folded in on itself this week. It feels as if I span around and it was Sunday again. Time flies when you are having an experience of life that very much ties in with why we desperately need yoga right now – life is busy! Busy and uncertain but, luckily for me, also very fun.

One of the things that makes me feel particularly blessed in life, and creates an awful lot of fun, is that I have a dog. I have mentioned her, briefly, on my About page, but not to the extent that she plays a part in my wellbeing. I adore her and taking her for a daily walk is pretty much what keeps me grounded, literally. Rebel is her name. And her nature. Although perhaps, if we would totally reflect her nature in the label she’s been assigned we would call her (Lazy) Rebel. She is 4 years old but often acts on our high-speed walks (I am a fast walker) as if she is 104. People often stop to ask me how old she is, as she plods along behind me at the speed of a slug. And are shocked to learn that she is a mere pup. She’s just super chilled out and that is very very good for me. She slows me down. She knows I need it.

I got a bit frustrated with her this week as, despite having absolutely no need whatsoever to move at any speed at all, ever, she is rather skilled at going from 0-1000 miles an hour when she spots a friend a mine. A heron I have named Hector. Hector often plods along the canal tow path in front of me lately. Pausing every so often to have a good look around. I have a buring desire to talk to him (I think he has something important to say) but, alas, as soon as Rebel spots him off he flies. Usually landing exactly level with us but over the other side of the canal. I have asked Rebel multiple times to calm down around Hector but she is very keen to dash up to him at breakneck speed. It’s incredibly frustrating.

Hello Hector!

Another time Rebel speeds up is whenever she gets a whiff of stagnant water or that glorious dog perfume, fox poo. This week she twice dashed off in to a nearby swamp before I could catch her. I should get cross, perhaps, but it always just makes me laugh when she emerges from the lagoon like a creature from the deep.

My walks with Rebel are a magical part of my life and I am grateful for her beyond words. If I manage to talk to Hector I will let you know.

Swamp Thing

Come sit with me this week. We will have fun.

Classes have been glorious this week. We continue to run classes on Tuesday mornings, in-person, at Bantock Park Coach House. I have two place for this week’s class if you are local and would like to come along.

Online classes are also ongoing. I had a bit of a falling out with Zoom this week, the full moon plus the technology gods were having a field day with me in a whole variety of ways. But we’ve kissed and made up. All is forgiven. I love teaching via zoom, online classes are much more magical than you might imagine. Doing a ‘live’ class is completely different to doing something pre-recorded. You have to experience it to feel the energy. It’s quite something to be able to connect in this way.

If you’d like to try either an in-person class or to come along to Bantock Park in Wolverhampton, you can book via the classes page on this site.

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”

That’s a quote from Andy Warhol. And it captures beautifully why I really love photos. Just not always of myself.

This week I was blessed with some photo from a very talented photographer who came to my house to work with my on some photos for this website.

Priya at Sorriso has recently branched out from wedding photography in to brand photography. It’s not been the easiest time for those who work in the wedding industry (indeed, I know, for anyone!) and I truly respect the entrepenerual spirit it takes to embrace new ways of embracing your passion to allow it to work for the times.

Priya’s photographs are lovely, and you will see them being added to the site over time. I do hope Priya will forgive me for occasionally cutting myself out of images and placing myself in some imaginary universe I have created on my Instagram.

Chimney sweeps and cosy yoga

I am very very lucky to have my own space in my home in which to practise yoga. And even luckier that it has a log burner, which I absolutely love. I am thrilled that it is getting to the time of year where I can begin to use it. But right now I desperately need a chimney sweep to come and do their magic. I absolutely love that chimney sweeps still exist. I suppose my childhood love of Mary Poppins has made me somewhat romanticise what would well be a far-from-wonderful job. I’m not sure, though, because the one I use is always supremely happy and cheery.

Early morning practise by a fire is the most wonderful thing. It fills me up with such a lovely feeling to imagine waking up early and lighting my fire before I start to do my daily yoga.

At the moment I am absolutely loving doing an early morning core series with Carolyn Cowan. She has blessed us with this 6-week 7am series, which is now, sadly, almost complete. Luckily, this is being followed by six weeks of pranayama, and then, most gloriously, ‘Cores at Christmas’. Which I personally cannot wait for.

These are half hour classes on a Friday morning at 6am and it’s a very magical way to start the day. If you want to find out more you can do that here:

Until next week, magical creatures.

Do leave a comment or send me an email to let me know how you are. I would love to hear from you. And hope to see you in class this week.

With love

Sara-Jayne xxx

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