Tigers, Gratitude and A Large Dollop of Pride, What I Have Been Up to This Week

Life has been busy this week, yet, be it because we have been getting back in to our ‘normal’ routine of early mornings and school runs and work days, or the fact that Autumn, and the changing seasons at this time of year, is absolutely when I usually find myself feeling brand new, it has been a really great week too.

I am really loving the darker mornings. I know that might sound strange, but to get up and sit in the darkness with a cup of tea as I light my candles for my own daily practise is so magical to me. I just feel so cosy and held by it. (Remind me of this statement in February when I will no doubt be waiting impatiently for Spring!)

I taught two online classes last week. On Monday evening we really fired up our navel energy as we worked through the Sun Energy series, exploring the idea of having autonomy in our own transformation and how powerful we each are. On Wednesday we slowed things down somewhat and had a blissful time with the series ‘Body Rarified by The Breath’. Both classes were so absolutely lovely to teach and I am so enjoying building this online community of yogis who are joining from not only the City I live, but all over the UK… even Hong Kong, Spain… it’s just magical how we can connect over Zoom.

Online classes continues this week on Monday night at 7pm and then Wednesday morning at 10am. Your first class is free. You can book by filling out a simple form which you will find by clicking here.

If you have any questions at all about joining or what classes are like do not hesitate to get in touch by email: sarajayneedwards@gmail.com.

Kundalini Global Teacher: Official

The Kundalini Global Teacher Training is the best gift I have ever given to myself.

I was so incredibly happy last weekend for the postman to arrive with this. My certificate for the Kundalini Global Teacher Training. It felt like a massive accomplishment and I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly blessed I feel to have had the opportunity to train with Carolyn Cowan and to meet the 30 fearless and courageous people who were on the course with me. It really was the best gift I have ever given to myself, to take the huge leap of faith in booking on the training, well over a year ago now. I’m very proud to be part of Kundalini Global and proud of myself for completing the course and being able to step in to teaching with the amount of integrity, knowledge and love that the training truly fostered.

Life imitating art

The Tiger Came to (Yogi) T

Last time I updated you I had recently purchased a life sized cardboard cutout of a cow for my son’s birthday. She is currently residing in my yoga room, looking down on me happily as I write this. Since then, my animal companions in the room have expanded to welcome my beautiful tiger. You may have noticed tigers popping up in a lot of my Instagram posts over the last month or so. It felt right that, in the spirit of authenticity, I ensured this fierce force was present in my life beyond the screen. What animal will join me next? I am unsure, but one thing that is for sure is that I need to clear out my yoga room which is so full of STUFF from all of the glorious art projects and practises and reading and, yes, cardboard cutout animal purchasing. A de-clutter is definitely on the cards this week. But have no doubt, the tiger stays. I do have a name in mind for this tiger, although I would welcome any suggestions you may have.

What have I been reading?

It was rather nice, this week, to pick up a novel. I haven’t been reading many novels at all this year and I’ve missed the opportunity to totally immerse myself in an entirely different universe through the pages of a book. I picked up a book by Ottessa Moshfegh called My Year of Rest and Relaxation.

It’s not the most comfortable of reads, exploring, as it does, how all the privilege in the world cannot save you from your internal relationship with yourself. But it’s also funny. Beautifully written, with some very wry observations on both the glitter and the grime of New York City. The novel is about a ‘young, thin, pretty’ and obscenely financially privilidged graduate who appears to have everything going for her. Yet her heart, her body, her mind, says very different. It’s a peculiar book, an accurate depiction of depression. I’m not really sure if I like the protagonist or not. But that’s fine, actually. I was fascinated to spend some time in her world, regardless.

Prayers of Gratitude

This evening I will be logging on to the third module of the 5 part Prayer Workshop with Carolyn Cowan. I am going to be bereft when it ends. The first two have been absolutely glorious. The stillness, the sacredness of the space, the total bliss of it all… honestly it is like the warmest blanket being wrapped around you on a Sunday evening. I feel cocooned in the energy of it. And for a long time afterwards too. I don’t think I have ever experienced anything quite like it. I am certain Carolyn will be running it again and so if you’d like to know about that sign up to her newsletter on her website.

In person classes start next week

I can’t wait to start teaching classes at Bantock Park Coach House in Wolverhampton next Tuesday.

We’re keeping it small and booking is essential due to COVID restrictions, we are following all guidelines not only from the government but also from the local council. I’ve worked closely with the council to ensure all measures are properly in place.

Spaces are filling up and I’m really excited to get going with this. It’s going to be lovely.

You can book a place here.

If you have any questions do get in touch, or leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Hope to see some of you on the mat really soon.

With huge armfuls of love


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