What can you expect in a Kundalini Global class?

I have always loved yoga, but I haven’t always gone to classes. Until I found Kundalini I was often too scared to try.

What often held me back from joining classes when I moved around during my earlier years (I moved house roughly 15 times before finally settling where I am now) was that I would worry. ‘What will the teacher be like?’ ‘What should I wear?’ ‘Will everyone be more flexible than me?’ ‘Will I be able to do it?’ And on and on I’d go.

I don’t want anyone to hold themselves back from trying out a class. And the joy of teaching online is that you can dip your toe in (or, indeed fully submerge yourself) without leaving the comfort and safety of your own home. You don’t even have to turn your camera on if you don’t want to. I can assure you that all Kundalini Global classes will be taught in ways that mean every single person can ‘do’ it… each posture has many options and variations to accommodate every person there.

Beyond offering classes online, I thought it might be helpful to explain what Kundalini Global classes look like. A ‘what to expect,’ so-to-speak,

Come sit down with me.

I will always arrive at classes, whether in person or online, at least 10 minutes before so that we can, if you choose to, say hello and have a chat before we begin.

If you prefer to join only seconds before that’s totally fine too, but the invitation is there to connect not only with me but with others in the class. It can foster a real sense of community over time.

Sacred Space

In Kundalini Global classes we open a sacred space. This is important. Now, you may think to yourself ‘that sounds a bit strange’ or ‘what does that mean?’ I get it, I’ve. been there too.

What it means is that we are setting an intention that the experience of the class will be special. We are choosing to take this time, collectively, to sit and connect with ourselves, to consciously choose to change our relationship to ourselves. It is an act that is bound in both respect, love and gratitude that we have this amazing opportunity. And it is not at all weird.

Opening the sacred space involves a practise that has become known as The Kundalini Global Stretch. A simple practise, on the surface, that acts to completely reset the stress system. This stretch, that takes only a matter of seconds, releases dopamine. one of the ultimate ‘feel good’ hormones, in to our blooddstream. It means that, however stressed you feel, however bad your day has been before you come sitting on your mat, you will start the practice reset. Ready for change.

After the stretch we bow forward in gratitude 3 times: to the divine within, to the divine outside, externally, and to the infinite, the universe, the quantum field of possibility. It may be that the concept of any divine force is uncomfortable for you, and that is totally fine. This practise of gratitude can be framed in a way that works: is entirely personal to you and your own belief system.

The Power of Intention

At this point in a class we set an intention for the practise in relation to the series that we will be moving on to. This is a brief but powerful statement of Intention – it may be that we are going to work with the Intention ‘I Restore my Heart’ or ‘I Can Sit in Stillness’, or ‘I can create my own change’. The possibilities really are endless. Having this intention for the class really changes the experience of every breath and posture we work though.

Pranayama/breath/breath of fire

Most classes will open warm ups with a practice of a very Kundalini breath – breath of fire. This is an amazing breath, a breath that really quickly makes you feel amazing, but is something that is learned. It takes practise. It comes in to classes a lot and so we tend to spend a few moments practising the breath towards the start of a class.

Warm up

I love warm ups, they are always really fun. And really effective for making us feel really relaxed and safe before we begin the series.

The aim of warm ups is to get us to a place of gentleness, we relax at the end in a flood of lovely hormones like serotonin and endorphins. On a practical level, warm ups will act to gently release the fascia, open up the hips, the pelvic floor. They allow us to be kind to our bodies and minds at the start of the practise.

The Series

We come then to the yoga series. It will be relevant to the Intention we have set. In a 75 minute class a series will usually involve 6-8 postures worked though for around 3 minutes each, with rests in-between. This is not a ‘flow’ – each posture tends to stand alone. As if it is a complete practise in itself (because it is).


After the series, either before or after a beautiful, extended, gentle, relaxation, we may close with a short breath, meditation or non-denominational prayer practice. This will also be complimentary to the series and Intention. 

Finally, we close the sacred space. Again, with three bows of gratitude. 

Do let me know if you have questions about any of these parts of a class. I really believe the best way to know if it is for you is to come and try a class. But I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions at all.

The classes, beyond this detail, are magical beyond words. They feel safe, fun, and leave you feeling so relaxed, it has to be experienced to be believed.

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