What is Kundalini Global?

Kundalini Global

Kundalini Global is a new form of yoga that works with the stress system, using simple tools that soothe, to help people feel less stressed, anxious and contracted.

Kundalini Global was founded by an anarchic, extremely clever, very funny, multi-talented wonder-human called Carolyn Cowan, who is not only an extremely experienced yoga teacher and teacher trainer but also a therapist, specialising in trauma, anxiety, addiction, shame, pre and post natal issues and more…

Carolyn is resolutely not a guru. For the entirety of the time you spend with her, in training to teach Kundalini Global, and beyond, she reminds teachers of:

– how it is the individual, by following a teacher’s guidance, in posture or breath work, that is changing how they feel. And that this change need not be attributed outward.

Indeed, the invitation is to encourage others to recognise their own agency in regulating emotions.

– to challenge cult thought. Be open-minded. Think critically.

– that the role of the yoga teacher should be well-boundaried. We are here to offer tools, not to fix people or make outlandish claims about healing.

Carolyn asks teachers to self-initiate. To take responsibility for themselves. And offers the support to help that process. We are invited, and reminded, to be self-reflective and not self-obsessed and, when things come up, when boundaries are tested, when we hit uncomfortable feelings as teachers, to notice such things and take them to supervision.

Kundalini Global offers teachers supervision. This is about having integrity and being accountable as a teacher in an unregulated field that attracts people who are vulnerable and suffering.

Carolyn’s intention is to train teachers who choose not to become gurus but to be humble, human, well-informed, people who have the knowledge to share practices in safe, accessible, ways to a wide demographic of people.

Years before creating the Kundalini Global teacher training, Carolyn had spent a long time teaching Kundalini yoga within the ‘As Taught By Yogi Bhajan’ lineage.

As a(n extremely cool) powerful feminist and ex-punk I cannot imagine that Carolyn ever managed to look as if she followed the (very many) rules that this somewhat dogmatic approach encouraged in its practitioners. And eventually she left. Or was pushed out. Either way, she knew that change was needed. And thank god.

Very many of us were waiting for the change to come.

Carolyn recognised that Kundalini yoga needed to become more inclusive, less bound in dogma, rules, and appropriated practices, and to serve a wider demographic.

Her knowledge of the stress system and the mind-body connection played an enormous role in allowing Kundalini Global to take shape as an entirely new way… where the practise of Kundalini Yoga had been taken apart, examined, considered relative to not only esoteric thought but science too, and re-assembled for the modern-day human.

At its core, Kundalini Global it is a practise that works to quickly take you out of feeling anxious, stressed out, pissed off, despairing or overwhelmed and encourage the presence for us to be in our bodies, noticing how they feel.

It is potent.

It works.

My experience is that it leaves practitioners feeling extremely lovely. Softer. Kinder. Gentler. With increased sense of humour and an ever-burgeoning connection to how much agency they have in how they can experience life.

It is also kind: created and taught with real bodies, and the huge variation therein, in mind.

Classes can open you up to new states of being that become accessible to all of us when we can begin to feel safe enough for stillness.

Is it a spiritual practise? I would certainly say yes. It is. But ultimately, whether you perceive that the same way as me is unimportant. As teachers we truly commit to being open-minded, kind, inclusive and extremely human.

We work to build communities where your belief system, religion, race, ethnicity, lifestyle, gender identity, sexual identity, age, body shape and ability is held, welcomed and respected. To make our spaces, our classes, safe.

We may not always gets that perfect but we work toward being radically, ever-expansively, inclusive.

The deep generosity, fierce intelligence, wisdom, kindness and boundless sense of humour that has set the foundations of Kundalini Global mean that it’s a cool thing. A new way. I’m very proud to be a part of it.

To find out more about Kundalini Global I would whole heartedly recommend, indeed IMPLORE, that you to check out: 

Carolyn’s Website

Carolyn always has a whole multitude of offerings within the realms of Kundalini Global and beyond, in her work as a therapist.

Her website is a treasure trove of information and a lovely place to spend time.

The Kundalini Global Website

Learn more about Kundalini Global on the KG website. Weekly posts are added there that delve into what Kundalini Global is all about. And, if I am not the teacher for you, you can also find lots of other teachers listed. We’re all very different.

I really couldn’t be more proud to have trained as a Kundalini Global yoga teacher. It’s a wonderful time to join the community. We’re new, small but powerful and we have big plans for creating change.


Sara-Jayne currently teaches classes and workshops online, via Zoom.

She also teaches pregnancy yoga and assists on Yoga Alliance certified teacher trainings for Kundalini Global.

Sara-Jayne has undertaken further teacher trainings in yoga for the anxious and addictive personality – certified to teach in prisons and rehabs – and in teaching breath practises to reach altered states.

As well as offering regular free classes, Sara-Jayne is passionate about making her classes inclusive and accessible to all and teaches with every body in mind.

Do you have questions about classes or want to get in touch?

You can contact Sara-Jayne via email:


Sara-Jayne is currently based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, United Kingdom.

She regularly travels to teach. If you would like to discuss a workshop or class at your venue get in touch.