What is Kundalini Global?

Kundalini Global: Do Something Amazing, Change How You Feel!

Kundalini Global is a form of Kundalini Yoga that is transformational, creative, open-hearted and kind. I am so grateful that Kundalini Global came in to my life when it did. Change was needed. In my life, yes. But also way beyond…

Valuing love over dogma, Kundalini Global strives to open its arms to everyone. Embracing all belief systems, religions, races, ethnicities, lifestyles, gender identities and preferences, ages, body shapes and ability levels, Kundalini Global classes promise to deeply respect you and your story. Whoever you are, come sit with us! We can hand you the tools, the power, to change how you feel.

Founded by Carolyn Cowan, in response to her important recognition that yoga needs to become more inclusive, less bound in male dogma, and to serve a wider demographic, the deep generosity, fierce intelligence, wisdom, kindness and boundless sense of humour that has set the foundations of Kundalini Global makes this powerful practise a very exciting and much needed offering to the Universe.

If you want to find out more about Kundalini Global I would whole heartedly recommend, indeed IMPLORE, that you to check out:


Learn more about Kundalini Global, and about how you could train to teach this absolutely magical technology. It was the best gift I ever gave to myself.


Carolyn always has a whole multitude of offerings within the realms of Kundalini Global and beyond, in her work as a therapist. Her website is a treasure trove of information and a lovely place to spend time.

What does Kundalini Global mean to me?

Signing up to train as a Kundalini Global teacher is the best decision I have ever made.

There is no doubt that Kundalini yoga has changed my life. If the lineage I first came to practice under started the process of positive change, Kundalini Global has put a rocket under it. Made it real, embodied and relevant for right now.

I arrived at the Kundalini Global teacher training having spent a few years contemplating a message I’d interpreted in so many of the books I had read, spiritual paths I had explored and teachings I had listened to that said to me ‘this (life) is all just a play’. That I have no autonomy. I should bow to the guru so I can be shown how to move beyond ‘the minds.’ I never wanted a guru. I never even wanted to transcend my humanity. I just wanted to be less of a neurotic mess! I wanted to get back to being me. Kundalini Yoga had already started to allow that change for me. Kundalini Global opened me up to the possibility that I could not only be ‘me’ but that what I AM is a human with limitless potential. Who can be kind and creative and very very human.

I love that, as teachers of Kundalini Global, we explore, with respect, the religious and spiritual thought of the traditions yoga is born from and yet are also invited to find our personal gold in this life and to acknowledge our humanity as teachers. It is a potent combination and makes every Kundalini Global class a potent quantum field for every individual who comes sitting on a mat to find stillness, gentleness and transformation.

How has it transformed me?

Well, that is certainly something I will be exploring over time on my blog. The answer is: completely! But to give you a brief idea, being trained by Carolyn, and experiencing hundreds of Kundalini Global classes for myself, has changed my life in ways I did not imagine possible.

I am able to stand up for myself, to speak for myself, in a way I never ever ever have in my entire life. I am kinder. I am kinder to myself. Kundalini Global has awakened every creative and passionate aspect of me that has always been there, popping up to say hello throughout my life, but never all at once, and never with the sense of possibility I feel as a result of Kundalini Global.

Kundalini Global is special, magical and amazing beyond any words I could write.

I can’t wait to share it with you.


Trained in 2020 by the incredible Carolyn Cowan, Sara-Jayne is a passionate, creative and radically inclusive yoga teacher, with a specialism in, and real passion for stretching and breath work as tools in moving through anxiety and addiction.

Sara-Jayne currently teaches classes and workshops online, via Zoom.

Sara-Jayne has undertaken further teacher trainings in yoga for the anxious and addictive personality and in teaching breath practises to reach altered states.

As well as offering regular free classes, Sara-Jayne is passionate about making her classes inclusive and accessible to all and teaches with every body in mind.

Do you have questions about classes or want to get in touch?

You can contact Sara-Jayne via email:


Sara-Jayne is currently based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, United Kingdom.

She has moved around a lot over the years. Many of those years in London and some, too, in Liverpool. A city that will always have her heart.

Sara-Jayne Kundalini: Fun, Dogma-Free, Very Human and Very Kind.

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